Boots Christmas Gifts!

Back in July I was invited to the Boots Christmas Gift Press Launch – the idea of looking at Christmas gifts in the summer is crazy, but I couldn’t turn this invite down as I absolutely LOVE Boot’s Xmas Beauty gifts!  Every year they have a stunning collection of makeup/nail polish/beauty kits that I absolutely adore browsing at.

Warning: quite picture heavy!


Front Cover – Front Cover’s beauty box kits instantly caught my eye, they have made being able to experiment with nails, lipsticks and eye shadows really easy to do with these boxes.  Each box contains a variety of products in different colours, as well as ideas allowing you to go crazy and have fun with makeup. 

Pictured below is the Front Cover Air Kiss Lipstick Collection £20 and the Front Cover Brush Work Nail Art Kit £20

Strictly Come Dancing - I’ll admit I’ve never watched Strictly come Dancing, but their Christmas gifts are quite exciting, especially the nail polish kit pictured below, how beautiful are the ballroom polishes (errr 12 nail polishes for £16, bargain!).  The eyelash kit below is also on my list to Santa.

Strictly Come Dancing Fab-u-lous The Nail Colour Collection £16 and Strictly Latin False Eye Lash Kit £12

Boots 17  - 17 is quickly becoming one of my favourite high street makeup brands.  I have never tried a product of theirs that I dislike and despite the products being cheap/affordable, the quality is actually pretty good!  17 have some gorgeous gifts this year, including a large eye shadow palette (£10) and the mini nail polish set below is adorable!

17 also have some lovely individual LE makeup items available this winter, such as the sparkly eye shadow trios below, but I will talk more about this on a separate post!

 17 Mini Nail Library £10 and 17 Starry Eyes Trio Eyeshadows £4.99 each.

Umberto Giannini - I adore Umberto Giannini because of their gorgeous packaging and amazing hair products!  This year they’ve delved into makeup and have a christmas makeup palette, as well as false eyelashes and nail stickers.  I love the gothic, dark feel of these items and might have to treat myself to a few!

Umberto Giannini Painted Lady Palette £10 and the Glam Fashion Hair Kit (includes nail stickers, lashes, eye liner, duo eye shadows and hair products) £30

Fearne Cotton – I would never normally have looked at Fearne’s makeup range but these winter items are suprisngly nice.  The theme is scarab beetles which I adore and the palettes below are gorgeous!  I didn’t get the chance to swatch the shadows but they look pigmented in the pan!

From Dusk to Dawn Eyes Handbag Compacts £8 each.

No7 – Lisa Eldridge has designed her own special Limited Edition Christmas No7 collection which is amazing!  The theme is Tim Burton, and the colours are gorgeous – lots of purples, blues and dark packaging.  The eyeshadow palettes are adorable but the actual shadows are tiny (not great) but the colours are so pretty its hard to resist.  The blushers and eyeliners look lovely too.

(Need this gold eyeliner in my life!  Its part of a collection of four eye liners and its silky soft and pigmented.)

Beneath the evening skies palette & Below the morning skies palette £13 each.

Links to the products on the Boots websites have been hyperlinked, so click to go to the page!

Have you picked up any of the Boots Christmas gifts already?  What will be on your Xmas list?


Please note – all photographs were taken at the press launch.


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