Models Own Beetlejuice Nail Polish Swatches

When I first saw the promo photographs for the Models Own Beetlejuice collection, I KNEW it was love and I knew that I had to own these nail varnishes.  I am a sucker for glitter, holographic and two-tone polishes and this range seemed to tick all the boxes, so I patiently waited till the 1st November (when these babies were released) and bought the whole lot, plus a 3-in-1 top coat for £20. 


Judging from the photograph above, they all look stunning in the bottle.  I’ll give you the swatches and then read ahead for ‘what I really think’.

Emerald Black


I thought I’d love this colour because it reminded me of a scarab beetle’s shell & because I love dark green polishes, but in real life it looks really plain and boring – like in the sunlight swatch below.  The only time I’ve seen it shimmer and glisten like in the ‘flash’ image, is when there is literally a flash of light. 

I think this is a nice twist on the typical black nail, although I wouldn’t actually wear it to show off the green because I don’t think it looks green at all.


Aqua Violet

6 This polish is gorgeous, but I don’t think it suits me personally. 

This shimmers the most beautiful blue on the nails and then shines violet in certain positions (I’ve tried to capture this in the ‘sunlight’ photograph below!)

The formula of this polish is almost identical to the Golden Green polish (at the bottom of post); its easy to layer on and takes 2-3 coats to look perfect.

Pinky Brown

8 I think this is my favourite out of the bunch because it has the most noticeable change in colour and because it has glitter in it (two-tone & glitter = perfect!)

This polish needs two coats and looks mainly a pinky purple, but shines a rusty orange shade in the light.  This colour reminds me of autumn leaves so I can see myself wearing this right up until Christmas.

The ‘sunlight’ photograph below best represents how this polish looks IRL.

Purple Blue

10 Purple Blue is the same consistency of Pinky Brown – a two-tone glitter polish, which applies like a purple and turns a dark blue in the sun. 

I really love what the texture of the glitter adds to both this and Pinky Brown – they really do look like beetles shells!


Golden Green

11 This is my least favourite, it looks really ugly on my nails!

I think this is only lime green nail varnish I own and I now know why I haven’t ever bought one before.  This has a subtle gold shimmer running through it and is the same formula and consistency of Aqua Violet.

What I think -

I’m really sad to admit that I’m not overly impressed with this collection!  If I could travel back in time I wish I’d only bought perhaps 3 of them (Pinky Brown, Purple Blue and maybe Aqua Violet) and I can’t believe I spent £20 on them (technically I only spent £4 on them because I already had £16 in my PayPal account from selling on eBay but still…)

Each polish is £5 but Models Own have a few discounts if you buy a certain amount – 3 polishes for £12, 5 for £18 or 5 plus 3-in-1 topcoat for £20.

I already have too many nail polishes and I know for a fact that I’d never, ever wear Golden Green, so why did I cave in and buy the whole collection?

I also kind of wish that Models Own had popped some glitter in the non-glittery ones, I think Aqua Violet & Emerald Green would look incredible if they had glitter in them!

Will you be purchasing any of the Beetle Juice collection?  Which is your favourite?



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