My Lipcote Experience!

It should be pretty apparent from reading my blog that I am well and truly a lipstick girl!  I wear lipstick every single day and much prefer it to gloss; it really is my weapon of choice – that is if it lasts all day on my lips!

I’ve known about Lipcote for a long time now and I swear by it for special occasions and when I need my lippie to stay on all day.  Lipcote is basically a clear liquid that you brush onto your lips after applying the lipstick of your choice and it locks the colour in, so you can eat, kiss and talk all you need to without worrying about the colour fading.


I actually own two Lipcotes; the normal one and the new Vanilla fragranced one. The formula is a clear liquid and I have no idea how it works, but it seals the lipstick in place so even after eating it’s still as bright.  The liquid does smell a lot like alcohol and it does tingle once you brush it on to your lips, but it really does the job. 

A few little tips I can give on how to get the best from using your Lipcote -
1) Once you’ve applied it, part your lips until the liquid has fully dried
2) After applying it, do not talk or move your mouth too much for about 3 minutes afterwards, I’ve found that it does slightly peel if you do starting talking and making big mouth movements immediately after applying it.  After 3 minutes you can pucker up all you want!
3) You only need a little!  Apparently you can get 100 uses out of one little bottle, so you don’t need to over do it!

Now I’ve had a lot of fun with this post, mixing up lip colours to create my perfect sahdes and I’ve been using Lipcote with all of them to test their longevity. 

Below are my personalized lippies, which I will call ‘Snooks’ smashing sexy pout shades’! All of the lip swatches below have been sealed with Lipcote!

Revlon’s 415 Pink in the Afternoon + Revlon’s 440 Cherries in the Snow = Snooks’s ‘Baby Guurrrl’

Revlon’s 440 Cherries in the Snow + Revlon’s 663 Va Va Violet = Snooks’s ‘Gothik Chic’2 

MAC’s Morange + Revlon’s 440 Cherries in the Snow = Snooks’s ‘Oh Haiiii’

Lipcote decided to spoil us bloggers and send us a special Jammy Dodger biscuit (I am the biscuit queen – couldn’t have been happier when I saw this gem!) made especially by Gosh Patisserie!  This became the most perfect opportunity for me to apply my newly created customized shade and Lipcote, to test out its staying powers!

I wore my shade ‘Oh Haiiii’ to eat my Vanilla Shortbread with Raspberry Jam biscuit with and it was delicious!  Watch the drama unfold below -

BEFORE – delicious!

DURING – obviously enjoying it a bit too much!

AFTER! – Lipstick is still thoroughly intact and looking marvellous! 

So there we have it – proof that Lipcote seals in your lippie allowing you to enjoy your day and not have to worrying about fading or re-applying! 

This is going to be a staple in my makeup bag over the following months, I need to keep my makeup looking pristine for all the Christmas parties and New Year Celebrations that are coming up, and this will do just the trick!

Have you ever used Lipcote before?  What lippie shade would you create to wear all day?


Please note this is a sponsored post!



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