My TOP Makeup Brushes & Tools

Totally honest... I hadn't really thought about doing a video like this in the longest time. I guess because my makeup brushes are sort of always there and rarely changing. However, after showing you all my best makeup and beauty products of 2013 (check that out here), I thought it only appropriate to give the makeup brushes and tools some love too.

Makeup brushes and tools are just as important as the makeup... true story.  We all take such care in choosing the perfect formulas of eye shadow, foundation, liner, etc, but I've noticed that some people overlook the tools themselves which you use every single day.  For example, I see a lot of situations where people don't bat an eye at purchasing the best of the best eye shadow or foundation, but don't see the importance of investing in good tools to go with them. A good set of brushes really do all the work for you and can totally change the way your makeup looks.  Plus, if you care for them correctly, you'll have them forever.
I remember years and years ago when I first started investing in quality brushes, I was absolutely amazed. They make such a difference.

So rather than just reviewing brushes here and there or doing a video on a particular set or brand, I wanted to just keep it real and show you the brushes that are currently in my rotation. As in, on my counter.
Being used every single day.  Alllll of the ones that I reach for the most often.  My best of the best. My favorites.

So I set this one up a little different. I go through every area of makeup and show you my best type of brush that I prefer for each application.  I hope you guys find it helpful!!

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