2013 Favourites: Skin!

This is the third post in my 2013 Favourites series!  This time it's skin; 2013 was a pretty bad year for my skin and in March I went to my doctor about how bad it was and he gave me medication for it.  Since then my skin has been a lot better but I still get the occasional spot.  Anyway, enough rambling, read on to see why these made my Top 5!

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser: At my doctors appointment, he recommended to use Cetaphil face wash & moisturizer alongside the treatment.  I have been using them both ever since and really love the products.  They are really simple and not fancy at all but they work nicely to keep my skin in order!  They aren't the cheapish products available at around £12 each but I've already repurchased this cleanser twice as I love it!

Kiehls Midnight Recovery: This is one of my favourite skincare discoveries to date.  I’ve never really been one for serums or oils but it all changed once I found this.  I use this only once a week but it really does make a difference.  I apply a few drops before bed when my skin needs some TLC and when I wake up my skin is plump and glowing.  I adore this! 

Quinoderm:  If you suffer from bad skin, I thoroughly recommend Quinoderm which you can purchase from behind the counter at pharmacies for a couple of pounds.  Apply it to the affected area before bed and it really helps to keep skin clear and dry out any blemishes.  My whole family use this now; dad included!

Kiehls Ultra Light Daily UV Defense SPF 50: I can’t express how important it is to wear SPF daily to protect your skin from UVA/B rays and this has been my favourite of the year.  For a really high factor, this is light, sinks in nicely and doesn’t leave my skin tacky or sticky.  I will continue to repurchase this as it’s splendid and lasts a surprisingly long time.

Epiduo: I was unsure of whether to include this product in this post as it was prescribed to my by my doctor and as far as I’m aware can only be gained with prescription, but I have used it daily since getting it and it has worked wonders on my blemished skin.  This really keeps my skin looking clear and I never want to run out! 

Next up in my 2013 is eyes... stay tuned!

What were your favourite skincare products from 2013? 



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