Red Blazers in Winter...

Totally just realized I haven't shared any of my resolutions for 2014 with you all!  I've got to admit something here... I've totally slacked with posting OOTD's lately.
Of course, I share little fashion-y bits and pieces on Instagram here and there, but I really want to make it a point to get back into posting looks here.

Actual, non-iPhone-photographed looks.  I've always kept this blog pretty organic to what feels right to me. A little mix of everything. Lately, it's been mostly beauty things, as usual (at least 2 beauty posts per week) and one home decor post per week.  Not sure why the fashion posts have fallen off the map, but they're back! Ideally, I'm going to mix in at least one OOTD per week with everything else. Sound good??

K, on to the look...

First of all, it's been frickin' freezing around here lately. I like that this look works for both day and night. It doesn't look too bulky or "bundled-up", yet is still pretty warm thanks to the thick, well-lined blazer and thicker knit "skinny leggings".

Don't get me wrong, I love looking cozy and bundled-up sometimes, but sometimes when you're going to a specific event, or out to dinner, you want a more sleek look that you won't freeze your buns off in.

Keeping with the whole "secretly warm" theme, I threw on my warmest heels. Heels can totally be warm, right?

These are super thick and a bit hairy. Love.

Plus, whenever I wear red, I always love to mix in a bit of leopard.


Hope you all have a wonderful week!

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