volumized wavy curls with a conical iron

Hair is a tricky business. A few weeks ago I had six inches cut off after I got super brave and decided it was time for a change.
Don't get me wrong, it TOTALLY was.  I was very much over the typical, curled, long and blonde moment (for now anyway). I was bored. It's so funny how hard it can be so hard to get used to styling a shorter length, even if it's not that dramatically different.  Because I wanted to embrace the more fun, mid-length look and get used to styling it with a bit more volume, I felt like a conical iron was the way to go.
Surprisingly, it wasn't that hard to get the hang of! I had never really had any experience with styling my hair with one before (other than a single failed attempt a few years ago).  I was shocked at how fast and easy it can be!

Oh, and not to mention, the crazy volume!

So this is how I create my volumized wavy curls with my new conical iron. I hope you enjoy it!

Hope this helps some of you who may be in a bit of a "hair rut" with your regular curling iron, or those struggling to learn how to get back in a "styling groove" with a fresh cut. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!
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