My Complete Skincare Routine!

Hello and Happy Saturday to you all! I hope you guys are having a wonderful weekend so far! Today I'm sharing with you all my long-awaited COMPLETE skincare routine!

...well, "long-awaited" by me, at least.  I've been putting this off for what feels like forever. Skincare is a tricky business.  I really wanted to wait until I had the "perfect" routine all hammered out. Well, I started to notice that while I was changing things around and using different products at different times, I realized, "ok, this is your routine."  So I'm sharing all of my (many) skincare favorites with you all that I reach for often. Things that are my "best of the best".  Just all around good stuff.

Be sure to check out the video for all of my tips and explanations as to how and when I use all of this stuff. Basically, don't let the long list fool you. My routine is actually not that complicated. I just use what my skin needs, when it needs it. But these are my "go-to" products I choose from...

~eye creams~
~makeup removers~


Hope you all enjoyed this peek into what I use! What are your skincare must-haves??  Any great eye creams/treatments you'd recommend?? While I love the Murad eye cream I've been using, it's almost out and I'd love to try something new!
Have a fabulous weekend!!

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