My New Makeup Storage with Ikea’s Alex & Muji

So last weekend I had a sudden urge and impulse to re-organise my makeup… I’m sure every girl who has a makeup collection loves organizing it (I could spend hours playing with and sorting out mine). 

So on Sunday I went online to check out what IKEA had to offer, then jumped in my car, drove to Lakeside (with no makeup, nor a bra on) picked up the Alex (with great difficulty, this thing is HEAVY), drove home, spent the day building it and voila, spur of the moment idea came into reality.

I thought I’d make a little video showing my new storage because I simply LOVE it!


Enter video caption here

I do have A LOT more makeup which I will save for a big makeup storage/room tour type video and post, but for now, this is it!

I really hope you enjoy this video, let me know your thoughts!

How do you store your daily makeup?



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