Recent MAC Collection FAVORITES

MAC, you've got me all excited.

Let me start by saying that I'm SO relieved that most of the moving craziness is over and we're finally getting all settled-in. Which means I can get back to being more productive with videos, this blog, etc. Most of you may know that MAC sends me samples from their new collections from time to time to share with you all if I decide to.  OMG... did they send a doozie this month. So many awesome and unique collections and beautiful shades for Spring.
Problem was, it was sent about a week after we had moved in so I didn't really have time to post about the products right away because things were ca-raaaazy around here. Also didn't help that the first collection I grabbed out of the box when it came had been out for a week or so already and many of the products were already sold out. So I didn't really delve into the rest of the box because I figured it had been sent out a bit late and like I said, things were CA-RAAAZY around here and let's face it, I was probably in the midst of painting something or tearing something apart.

So big fabulous (I had no idea) MAC box went on the back burner.
Until I decided to go back to it a little over a week ago and discovered some great things and beautiful collections that are STILL AVAILABLE. Happy dance.

Seriously haven't loved MAC collections this much in a while. Really unique things and shades that are perfect for Spring.

So I decided to do a little (well, pretty long actually) video sharing with you all my stand-out items from the new collections that you can definitely still get your hands on. So many new favorites... I can't even.
Oh and no worries... I'll be sharing info on new collections regularly like I have in the past coming up! This move has been no joke...

Check out my Recent MAC Collection FAVORITES in my video below!


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