NEW CLOSET REVEAL! ...and Video Tour

I tell ya... This closet has been a long time comin'...

Read that dripping with sarcasm... 
Actually, it was the complete opposite.  Looking back, this was probably the fastest thought-up, designed, and executed closet of all time. I'll give props to my wonderful husband for that. More on that in a moment...

Honestly, when we moved into our new home we had some different plans for the closet area. To live with the current closet system in our master bedroom and make it work for both of us for the time being. However, in our new home there is an odd little room (which is meant to be a bedroom) adjacent to our master bedroom. It's far away from the other bedrooms in the house and has no bathroom attached or close-by. It was just a funny little space right next to ours. Maybe meant for a nursery?
We knew we wouldn't want to use that room for a nursery because there is an AWESOME room we have some major nursery plans for in the future... Don't get excited just yet. I'll keep you guys posted when that's on the horizon!

Anyway, literally a few days before we moved in, my husband came up with an idea... "Hey, let's turn that little room next to ours into your closet."


Don't get me wrong, I was excited he was into it. But I've never been a fan of making another non-closet room into a closet. Why? Because usually it's unhandy and obviously a bedroom (ahem, not a closet).  But it almost instantly kind of clicked... WHYYY had I not thought of that before??
Like I said, it's adjacent to our room, not near any other bedrooms, and in the little area of our master bedroom entry.  Which means it is SUPER handy. Plus, the size of the room is perfect for a walk-in.  It just made sense. Honestly, it's closer to the entry of the bedroom than the actual master closet (It's sort of behind the bathroom near our vanity areas).

Plus, it was kind of nice to think I would have plenty of room to film in the closet again!
If any of you have been here since the beginning, you may remember me filming in my walk-in closet of our first place when I started my YouTube channel 5 YEARS AGO! Wow, time files... Anyway, back then, people were a little weirded out by me filming in there. It was seriously the most talked about thing where my channel was concerned. Seems the idea kind of grew on people after a while and it became sort of my "thing".  Then when we moved to our last place, people really missed it!  Truthfully, I really did too. So now I'm so excited to be back in there. It just feels right again.

So I have all of my filming stuff in there as well. See, when you get a closet like this pulled together in 3 days, something suffers a bit. And my vanity/filming area would be it...haha.  I decided to focus on the area that would actually be seen in videos. I actually did set up all my makeup in my Alex 6-drawer storage units I showed a while back in my Makeup Organization & Collection video. It's all organized exactly the same.

So back to the closet...
When we then started brainstorming closet systems. I knew if we were going to do it, we were going to do it right. Hiring someone to come install a custom closet system of that size would have cost a small fortune, so we knew we were going to tackle it ourselves. Because most stores do not carry anything like what we wanted, we knew it was going to be tricky. Then Ikea saved the day... Doesn't it always?

You may or may not know that Ikea is definitely not one of our favorite places. They have AWESOME stuff. But I HATE... I HAAATE...going there.  My husband may have some stronger words for his feelings about it.  So one evening, we trekked to Ikea and loaded up the closet system.

We chose the Pax system.  Before going to the store, we measured the area and compared to the measurements of the pieces of the Pax system online.  We planned the whole thing from home, figured out the pieces we needed, and went into the store armed and ready with our little handy list.

Not going to bore you with the details of that trip, but lets just say I loaded up my half of the system (all 300lbs of it) on my cart... which broke half way to the checkout line. Think square wheels. Complete cart breakdown.

So long story short... Brad is a trooper and put the whole thing together in two nights.  And it is perfect.

Waylon decided to oversee the project.

...and sometimes, fell asleep on the job.

Overall, I think he was pleased with the result. ...and the chandelier.


It holds SO much. Like an unbelievable amount. I feel like all my stuff was so crammed into our last space. I feel like I've got some room to grow in here. Not that I need anything else... But you get the idea.
I'm also LOVING that we were able to use my old office cabinets that I love, but wasn't really feeling in the new office space here.

My Hemnes glass door cabinet now works PERFECTLY as purse storage...

The two Hemnes bookcases on either side work perfectly for sweaters, jeans, scarves, anything.

Oh and alllll the shoe storage...

Since there's so much space in the middle of the room, I'm thinking of maybe adding a storage island or something. Not sure yet. But I'll keep you updated!

Who doesn't love a pup in an armoire?

Waylon, stop taking over the post.

Here's a little handy resource list of where other items are from you may be curious about:

Jewelry armoire: Pier 1
Mirrored jewelry box: Z Gallerie
Chandelier: Home Depot
Glass necklace dome: Pottery Barn
White mirror: Target
Vanity: Pier 1
Mannequin: Pottery Barn Teen
Rug: Overstock

   For a FULL TOUR of the entire closet, don't miss my video tour below!
Hope you guys love it :)


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