How I Clean and Dry Makeup Brushes

Cleaning my makeup brushes used to be (well, and still is) one of my least favorite things to do.

For several reasons...

First of all, it just takes too long. Between cleaning them and waiting for them to dry, it's a process. If I leave them on the counter to dry overnight, they're usually still damp the next morning. Ever tried to use a damp makeup brush in blush or face powder? Not cute.

Another reason is that no matter how careful and gentle you are while cleaning them, or how carefully you lay them out to dry and reshape them, they'll always look a bit different. Especially natural hair brushes. Makes sense since they're, well, natural hair. Imagine letting your hair naturally dry overnight. Hey, sometimes it can be cute, but it sure doesn't look the same as it did before you washed it (that is, if you had it straightened before washing it, as makeup bristles are always straight).

Then there is just the actual task of cleaning them. Unless someone invents an automatic brush cleaner (which I don't forsee happening), this will always be a chore to me.

Ok, we get it. Cleaning brushes is no fun.

Considering I've found some ways around these little problems above, I figured it was time to update you guys with how I currently clean and dry them. Especially since I've found a way to dry them even faster. Over the past several months, I've been using a new product that actually dries them in 4-6 hours. No joke. It also keeps the brushes in their original shape which is exciting. Another exciting extra- If you click here for the Dry n' Shape and enter the coupon code TIFFANY5 at checkout, you'll save $5 on it. Which makes it even more affordable. That is pretty exciting as well.

Some of you may not find this all as exciting as I do. But I really dislike cleaning brushes. Did I mention that already? ...or that I think this is exciting? ;)

Here's a video demonstration of how I clean my brushes. Yep, I take you guys to my sink. Now that is exciting.


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