Sleek Ink Pot – Review!

I’ve been lusting after this little baby for ages, but my local Superdrug was always out of stock of it, until one day two weeks ago.  I obviously snapped it up and couldn’t wait to try it out!


I was instantly impressed with this product and its become a staple in my make-up bag.  I’ve never used a brush to draw on my liquid liner – I’ve always only used the little nib that came with liquid liners in the past.  I find the brush allows me to create looks of different types of flicks on my eyes, different sizes of lines and generally it gives me more freedom to play around and create different looks.

I’ll show you two simple ones that I’ve been doing recently with this.

Top lip-lined -


Sexy flick! -



Its so so easy to create a lovely sleek flick with the brush that's included, and I just adore painting the gel liner on, instead of just drawing it on with a nib.

There are a few things that do bug me about this product though – 1) It doesn’t last all day – it tends to smudge and rub off into the crease of my eye, even when I apply UDPP and eye primer.  2) The brush included obviously isn’t going to last long, its gotten really stiff already, meaning I can’t get all the freedom I want from it all the time.  3) The gel formula is odd, I can’t explain it, but it isn’t smooth when its on the brush – its kind of clumpy, excess product gets on the brush if you know what I mean?

For £4.50, I really can’t complain though.  The outcome of the look massively outweighs all the cons and I still adore this little gem.  I’m really glad I bought this product as it has become a favourite in my makeup bag and I would definitely recommend it to all my friends. 

And, get this – since I have been wearing this, my Dad, on two occasions now has complimented me on my ‘eyelashes’. Hahahaahah! The first time he said ‘Your eyelashes look really long and pretty today Katie, extended on the outside’!

The second conversation went like this

Dad: You’ve done that thing with your eyelashes again, haven't you Katie? It looks really nice.

Me: You mean my eyeliner, Daddy?

Dad: No, your eyelashes…

Me: DADDY! That's my eyeliner – I’ve just been doing it differently *I then close my eyes to show that it is drawn onto my top lid'* SEE!

Dad: Ohhhhhhhhhhh! It looks really good!


Hahahahaha Bless him!!! See, even the men have noticed the difference!

Has anyone else used this product? What do you think? Is the consistency the same for you? I’m thinking of taking a look at the other shades available in this product, I want more!!



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