Barry M Nail polish!

OKAY OKAY, I know I say this EVERY time I get a new nail varnish, but I have again found my perfect favourite nail polish from Barry M – Apart from Pink Flamingo, of course.

297 – Blue Glitter

001 (in sunlight)

This nail varnish is AMAZING!  It is so beautiful, I’ve only been wearing it for one day and I’ve already had numerous compliments on how pretty it is!  In real life it is a lot more stunning than in the pictures, I’d say it is more of a teal/blue/green in the flesh.  It sparkles whenever you move your hands and I’ve fallen in love with it.

In the pictures above I’m wearing two coats – so you don’t need too much product to get the gorgeous glittery effect.  It dries in quite gritty – you can see in the pictures, but I much prefer the gritty look rather than a flat effect, if you know what I mean? It just stands out a lot more.  The one thing that lets me down about this polish though, is the fact that it does take ages to dry.  You can probably tell in these pictures that the middle nail smudged so I had to apply more to cover it up – but this isn’t just a normal smudge, its a ‘if-i-smudge, half-the-varnish-comes-right-off-the-nail’ smudge, which sucks but I can live with it.

fotd 110 (with flash)

I also picked up 292 - Navy

fotd 126

This is a beautiful colour and the only one I have like it in my collection, but obviously I’m not as amazed by it as the previous one.  To the eye this looks more like a dark dark blue/black, but in the light it shines blue which is very pretty and quite elegant as well.

fotd 123

What does everyone think of my new favourite nail varnish? D’ya reckon you’ll pick some up when next out shopping?


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