Boots Original Beauty Formula Cleanser!

Evening all!! I’ve seen lately that the Boots Original Beauty Formula range is doing the rounds on the beauty blogs, so I thought I’d review a few of the bits I have.  I have practically everything in the range, the cleanser, rose toner, cold cream cleanser and the vanishing day cream.  I have only yet tried the cleanser and toner however, so I’ll review the cleanser today!


I first saw this range on one of my favourite beauty blogs – The Gloss Goss, and fell for the lovely natural ingredients and cute vintage packaging.  So I picked some up when Boots had the 3 for 2 skincare offer.  I have been using this for a few weeks to take my eye make-up off and it does a lovely job.  It has a milky creamy consistency, which, when applied to a cotton pad and placed on the eye, removes a lot of my everyday eye make-up.  I do wear a lot of eye make-up daily, and I normally need to use up a few cotton pads for each eye to remove every trace of make-up. 

The smell is gorgeous, a sweet rose smell which I adore.  It has 19 ingredients, mostly preservatives and natural ingredients such as Olive fruit oil, Cocoa seed butter, and a few flower oils.  Saying this, it doesn’t leave my skin oily or tacky at all, instead my skin feels rather fresh and moisturized.

One thing I really dislike about this, is the fact that I can never get any product out of the bottle, so I have to shake it and then loaddsssss of it comes out on to my cotton pad!  It is seriously messy (or I’m just extremely clumsy!), and I end up with it everywhere.  It would be so much easier if it had a pump, or if the bottle was able to be squeezed, although I know this would affect the aesthetic-ness of the vintage bottle.  Because of this, I do get some product in my eye, it doesn’t sting but it goes cloudy, obviously, which disappears once you rinse it off.

Would I buy this again – Probably, yes!  I can’t help but feel like an elegant Victorian lady in her boudoir when I use this, or see it on my dresser.  It does a good job of removing make-up and it smells really nice.

The whole Boots Original range is very affordable, this was about £3.99!  I will update soon with what I think of the other products in the range!

Has any one used this before? What did you think? Do you like the vintage packaging?



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