Gaga Part 1!

Hey girlies!  Today at work, it was ‘Gaga’ Day, and we had to dress up like the goddess herself!  I thought I would pop up some pictures of how I wore my make-up for my shift!

gaga 062_pp

My look based based on and inspired by her opening look in the prison sequence in her music video for Telephone

Picture 19

It took me very long time to do, I’m not quite sure why, it was just getting the shape of her eye shadow in the crease of my eye which was difficult, but I think I got there finally!

gaga 026 

gaga 017

If anyone wants to know how I did this I -

  • Primed my eyelids, then used a white eyeshadow all over my lids, up to the brow bone.
  • I then used a combination of brown eyeshadows and blended it into the crease of my eye, following the natural curve of my eyebrow.  I also blended it down to the inside corner of my eye and a tad down my nose bone to give extra definition.
  • I then lined my top and bottom lashes with a liquid liner, and extended the flick out
  • I applied the biggest eyelashes I could find!
  • Oh, and then I filled my brows in big time! First with a brown pencil liner, then with a black pencil to give more of an arch.

On to the lips -

gaga 064_pp

  • I lined my lips in black kohl eye liner
  • Then applied a red lipstick
  • And then blended them both together with a lipstick brush! Easy Peasy!

This is me at work -

gaga 084 gaga 072_pp

My mummy helped do my hair – She made two small plaits either side of my head, and pinned them together at the top of my head with a pink bow – just to add some crazyhairness.

What does everyone think of my attempt?  I did feel a tad self conscious out and about at first, but I got used to it.  The eyelashes were so heavy though, I ended up taking them off three hours into my shift! I have to dress up again as Gaga on Saturday and I’m going to do a completley different Gaga look for then, which of course I’ll take pictures off!! XX


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