Sleek Palette – Storm 578

This is my favourite eye shadow palette that I own, and I own a few!  I first came across this gorgeous bunch of colours, when in work one day I served a woman who had the most beautiful brown, gold smoky eyes, that I’ve ever seen before.  I was stunned by how amazing her blue eyes looked with all the shimmering gold tones, so obviously I asked her what she was wearing, and she said it was a really cheap brand in Superdrug called something like Sleek.  Straight after work I went out and picked this palette up and its been my favourite since.

I will give you some swatches of the palette, not that you probably haven't seen millions of them before!

april makeup 1 094




As you can probably tell from the images, # 1, 2, 4 & 7 are my all time favourite.  All together they create a stunning shimmery brown eye.  I much prefer shimmery eye shadows to matt, not sure why, I think they just are more stunning.  2 is the perfect base colour and brow bone highlighter.  I would ADORE for Sleek to make a few of these colours in their own compacts so I could carry the ones I’m wearing around individually, instead of carrying the whole palette as I’m scared I’ll drop it and it’ll brake! 

#12 is the blackest black eye shadow I have ever come across, seriously, you need the tiniest amount to get so much black.  #10 is the one that I find drops onto my cheeks the most when applying, its the most fall-out-y, but it is a very nice dark blue shade. I haven't used #5 & #6 much as I don’t think pinks suit me, but after swatching them I’m reminded to start wearing them more as they are super shimmery and attractive.  I also like #8 & #9 to add some colour into my black smoky eyes.

One reason I love these eye shadows, is that they are SO pigmented, you only need the tiniest amount to get the most gorgeous colours.  One of my pet peeves are shadows which look gorgeous, but are only achievable with lashings and coats of the product, well, this product serves me well in the pigmentation department.  I do think that Sleek should name each eye colour individually as well, just to make it easier when talking about each colour!

For £4.99, I assure you that this is one of the most best priced, good quality eye shadows sets you could ever get your hands on!

I also have the Original palette, which I will pop swatches up off within the next few weeks!  Who else adores Sleek?  Would any one like to see any looks which I create with this palette? XX



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