The Body Shop Shimmer Cubes 06

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A few people have asked to see swatches of TBS’s shimmer cubes and of course I was happy to show them off. 


IMG_0012 IMG_0018

06 is probably my favourite and most used shimmer cubes.  The selection of browns and neutrals are very wearable and I adore shimmers, so these are perfect!  All four colours can be used to create the perfect brown smoky eye which I do regularly!

IMG_0023 (used dry, without primer)

Above is the shadows swatched directly onto my hand without any primer.  The colours are nice and pigmented, especially the two on the left side.  The other two are nice, buildable highlighting shadows which look lovely in the corner of the eye and as a base. 

However – These colours are especially outstanding when used with a wet brush.  It creates an intense look, which is still blend-able, but more striking.


You can see the comparison above.  This was literally just using a wet eye shadow brush and creating a paste with the eye shadow.  The shimmer cubes are all intended to be used dry and wet, and the cubes dry as normal, so they can be used again dry the following day.  This is also perfect if you want to create your own coloured liners – just use a liner brush! 

IMG_0026 (used wet, without primer)

I thoroughly recommend these cubes.  The packaging is perfect – each cube has its own little lid and they can be removed from the plastic box, which means if you have a few of the palettes, you can place different cubes into each box to create your own palette, or if your only using one you can just pop that into your m-u bag instead of carrying around all of them.  The lids also prevent the colours merging and making a mess.

The shadows have amazing lasting power when used with any old primer and the cubes are really deep.  I have had these for almost a year and have only just made a dent in them – they will last forever, which is perfect for the price aswell, which I think retails at £16.

Does any one else have the cubes? What do you think, pretty amazing huh!  If you have anymore questions about using the palette wet, then do ask in a comment below.

NEXT UP – Shimmer cube Palette 07!


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