The Body Shop – Blush Swatches & Review

I confess, I’m beginning to be a bit of a blusher addict! Argh! I just adore and appreciate how healthy and glowing a flush of colour on your cheeks can make you look, and its recently become an important staple in my make-up routine.  Here are my four of The Body Shops permanent blushes.

tbs blush3

tbs blush1 

12 Apricot Shimmer – A stunning shimmery orange which i wore everyday in the winter to try and add some colour to the gloomy days.  This looks especially good when teamed with orange/coral lips!  I really like this blush as it has a shimmer in it and its not too bright, so I think people can get away with wearing it daily.

04 Golden Pink – A popular one in store, people always fall for the pink blush with the golden shimmery undertones.  I can’t help but agree with them, this blush is stunning and great for summer and nights out.  You can kind of see the golden simmer in the picture swatches above, I can’t think of another blush on the high street which looks like this!

05 – Tea Rose – One of my two favourite ever blushes (The other being MAC’s Strada which I’ll talk about it another post)! I adoreeeee this product.  I actually believe that this colour will suit anyone and everyone, I’m serious – go into your local TBS and try this on cause I’m positive that it looks stunning on everyone.  Its the perfect natural blush and contour shade for me, even with my deadly pale skin.  My cheekbones look amazing when I wear this so I wear it most days! Haha!

03 – Heather Pink – This is the blush I wear the least, just because I much prefer the other three on my skin tone.  Its a beautiful pink with a slight hint of mauve or purple which makes it very sophisticated I think!  After trying this on again for the swatches, I’ve decided it does suit me so I’m going to start wearing it more!

12 04

05 03

I decided to also swatch these on the cheeks as well for you guys, just to get a better look at what they look like on the skin.  Tea rose is definitely more flattering in real life, but you can see the cheekbone effect that I was talking about.

All blushes are £8.50, and last years.  I’ve been using tea rose everyday for about three months and there is hardly a dent in the blush as you can see in the first picture in this post.  The colours seem to last all day so you don’t need to keep applying, and the packaging is small and light, meaning its easy to carry around in your handbag.

Does anyone else have any of these blushes? Which are your favourites, or what ones do you think suit me better?  Also, if anyone decides to go try them out, then let me know what you think of them!



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