Sephora purchases!

Whenever I go to America or France, one thing I always look forward to is going into a Sephora!  I adore the stores but I always end up walking out with nothing as there is too much to choose from and I want everything!  This time I decided to get some lip products as its my current favourite piece of make-up at the moment.


Lipstick – Sephora Rouge Cream in R08

Lip Glosses – Baby Pink gloss #11 and Bright Pink gloss #16




I adore this lipstick, it instantly stood out to me as its very bright in real life – quite a bit brighter and louder than in the pictures but you can see the basics above.  There was another one quite similar which had more orange tones than this one which I definitely want to pick up next time I go to a Sephora – It was either R06 or 07.  This lipstick is moisturizing and glossy yet so pigmented which is great – I’m so used to Barry M’s drying pigmented lip sticks that its great wearing a bright one that doesn’t dry my lips out.  Definitely one which I will be wearing on special occasions and next summer.



Described as a pinkish mauve with opalescent sheen, I’d say its more of a baby Barbie pink with a beautiful shimmer.  This colour is very ‘me’ and one which is sheer enough for me to apply over my favourite bright lipsticks to add a bit of gloss and shine.  I probably wouldn’t repurchase as, although I love the colour and the scent, I’m definitely more of a lipstick girl than a gloss girl.



I chose this colour out for my Mum as she wears lip gloss every day as one of her staples and I’ve come to know what colours suit her and what she likes to wear.  This gloss is the most stunning, beautiful colour ever in the tube I knew she would love it.  Its a bright pink with slight purple and blue shimmers which are great for making your teeth look bright and white.  Its not as bright on the lips, I’d say its more attractive in the tube but definitely more wearable than it looks.  (My computer is being absolutely ridiculous at the moment and is messing all of the colours in my pictures up.  I really apologise! The swatch above is similar to how it looks on the lips but brighter – its duller and less neon in real life but still really pretty!)

What I think – I really love the lipstick and my gloss but I do think they are a tad expensive for what they are.  Each product here was 10Euros each and I don’t think these products are jointly worth the value of 30Euros – around £25!  I could get products just as good in Boots or Superdrug for around £15 thanks to the likes of Barry M, Gosh and Rimmel.  I will enjoy using these products but won’t be buying again – I’d rather experiment with other colours if I’m going to be paying that much for them.  Apart from that mini rant – all products are moisturizing, pigmented and smell great.

Has any one else got any Sephora products?

Anything you would recommend or do you agree that they are a bit over priced?!


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