August Favourites!

I’m back from holidaaayyyyy!  And I have a tan, the first proper tan I’ve ever had in my life, albeit a bit patchy from an accident with SPF40 sun cream, haha!

I’ll show you my favourites from this month and then a few holiday snaps!



Sephora ultra-shine lip gloss #11 – I snatched this up in Sephora in Calais and its lovely.  A beautiful pink gloss which smells like cake!  Proper review on the three products I bought in Sephora to come in the next few days.

The Body Shop Brazil nut body butter – I used up and finished a 200ml tub of this body butter this summer.  Its my favourite body butter and I was so gutted when TBS decided to discontinue it (luckily I have a few back ups left!).  It has been the perfect moisturizing companion this summer and has lasted me well.  I find that I don’t get as many gnat bites whilst wearing this and its helped my tan last well, as well as keeping me from peeling excessively.  In terms of consistency, its similar to the shea, mango, cocoa butter and coconut so if your after a dupe which is similar, I’d go for one of those!

TBS Shimmer cubes in 06 – Lately, I’ve been doing less black smokey eyes and more brown, neutral eyes and these cubes are perfect for doing this look.  I’ve enjoyed using these colours separatly and together with just a tad of kohl eyeliner and lots of mascara.  You can see my swatches of these shadows - HERE!

Lily Lolo Mineral foundation in Porcelain – This month I’ve been trying to use less product on my face as my skin has been pretty crap lately, so I switched my liquid foundation for mineral foundation; Lily Lolo’s Porcelain being the palest mineral foundation I have ever found.  As I’ve also caught a bit of colour I’ve been mixing this shade with Bare Mineral’s fairly light mineral foundation, to create a lovely base for my skin.  Lily Lolo doesn’t give much coverage, I find, but I love the colour none the less.

Bare Minerals Full flawless face brush – I’ve been using this gorgeous brush to apply my mineral foundation and it does a lovely job.  Its not that soft to be honest and does have some hair fall out at first, but it applies the product well and is a good size to carry around with me.

YSL Rogue Volupte Silky Sensual Radiant Lipstick in #13 Peach Passion – A guilty purchase which I’d been eyeing up for a few months and I’m SO glad I caved in and bought it.  Quite expensive, but worth every penny.  Full review with swatches to come, so check back!

Barry M lipstick in #54 I bought this a few months ago and never used it after I bought it, not once.  A complete random purchase, I even contemplated cutting half the stick off to heat and mix with another un-used lipstick to create a customised lip balm, but I finally found a few ways of wearing this and I’m glad I didn’t cut it up.  This lippie is a neon orange matt shade which is very difficult to wear, but I enjoy wearing it with a pink lip gloss to create a coral lip, or just wearing it lightly tapped onto my lips to create a peach flush of colour.


Holiday Pictures -

I went to Cognac in the South of France for two weeks with my family after a stop off at Disney Land Paris and I had such a lovely time.  I adore going on holiday with my crazy family and always look forward to the adventures we have.  This year these adventures included – Cognac tasting in three different factories, lots of BBQs, lots of Uno & blackjack card games, visit to the Zoo and seeing a polar bear, bike rides along vineyards, stargazing, ping pong, swimming and going to a mini gig!

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The Snooks family + Sisters boyfriend after a cognac tour at Remy Martin!

There you have it!  I’m back now for good so expect lots of posts!

Do you wear mineral foundation?  Or has one of your favourite body products ever been discontinued? X


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