YSL Rouge Volupte #13 Peach Passion

Hospital - I must apologise in advance for my spelling/waffling in this post – I have just been discharged from hospital after having my tonsils out and am so dosed up on medication I’m even more ditzy than usual!  I’m in a lot of pain at the moment so I’m trying to keep myself busy to take my mind off it.  The hospital I stayed in was lovely though, with lovely staff and the operation went smoothly, and thankfully my amazing Mum kept me company before and after the op which kept me brave and strong!  I’m starving hungry and am trying to eat lots of toast so that I heal quickly, but if any one else has had the same operation and have any tips then do let me know!

Lipstick! - I’ve been eyeing YSL’s lip sticks up for a while now and so when I saw these in a beauty store on holiday I gave into the urge and bought one – I never feel as guilty when I buy stuff on holiday cause your on holiday, right!  I can say now, it quickly took its spot in my top 5 lipsticks and I ADORE it. 


I chose #13 – a gorgeous creamy peachy orange pink shade – the colour I’ve been obsessed with since early this year.


Its beautiful.  Everything about this lipstick is incredible, from the packaging to the texture to the colour.   This lipstick glides on like silk and is so moisturizing its quite unbelievable.  It feels delicious on the lips and surprisingly lasts a while before it wears off.  I feel like a superstar putting it on as the packaging is just sublime, its golden casing with intricate detail and the mirror on the lid.  The colour is just perfect and suits my skin tone and will keep me looking feminine and summery all winter long.

I have quite a few similar peachy lipsticks so I thought I would swatch them to show you what's similar!  All of the five below (apart from the Barry M) are my favourite lipsticks at this current moment in time (I’d swap the Barry M shade for my Edward Bess lippie!).  Maybe I’ll do a post soon of my favourite lipsticks of all time?



As you can see, YSL #13 is a mix between Ever Hip and Jazzed – it has the pinkness of Ever Hip and the orange tones of Jazzed and I just adore this shade. 

I am SO happy that I bought this and can’t wait to invest in another one.  At around £21 its not the cheapest lipstick but I honestly think its worth every penny!

Has anyone else got a YSL lipstick? What's your favourite colour?

And have you any tips for recovering a tonsillectomy?



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