Stargazer swatches & reviews!

I am a big fan of Stargazer makeup - I remember being 16 and going to the local ear piercing parlour, which stocked stargazer products and I loved trying the colours on the back of my hand and my friends and I were always using the semi-permanent colourful hair dyes!  When they contacted me to ask me if I’d like to try out some more products, after reading my review on one of my favourite nail varnishes ever, HERE, I jumped at the chance!


Star Pearl Eye shadows - £3.00 each (Had a little accident with the first and chipped it a bit!)



L-R Peach Flush, Red Raptour

I am in love with these two eye shadows and they are the stars of the show here.  How beautiful are they!!!  Peach Flush is a perfect dupe for MAC’s vanilla and so much cheaper.  At such a good price I’m surprised that not everyone in the blog world is raving about them!  The second is a stunning pink berry colour which I can’t wait to use.  They are SO pigmented and not glittery or chunky at all – more like finely milled pigmented pressed shadows, very similar to Sleek’s eyeshadows.  Very impressed with these and I will definitely be trotting down to my local New Look to get more of them!

Nail polishes - £2.50 each


322 -


A very cute glittery pink – its stunning in real life but so hard to photograph.  It doesn’t really look as pink in real life, it just sparkles the prettiest pink, blue and purple in the light.  I recommend you to try it on if there's a tester so you can see how pretty it really is.  Also looks lovely over other nail polishes!

310 -


Another hard one to photograph – Purple and sparkly! Very pretty, the glitter is very fine and catches the light beautifully.

317 -

stargazer4 (2)

My favourite out of the bunch – a two-tone metallic purple and navy blue, its stunning and I’ve only just got this back off my Mum who pinched it as soon as I opened the package!  Looks like a deep navy but shines purple and blue in the light!

All of the polishes need about two coats each and they last a good few days on the nails without chipping.  They are easy to remove – even the glittery ones, and they take about as long as normal nail polishes do to dry.

Glitter Eye Dusts - £3.00 each


L-R – 103, 101, 5, 107

I was slightly shocked when I first saw these and my immediate reaction was ‘Wow they’re bright!!!’ and I was unsure of how I’d use them.   Once I’d swatched these however, I can definitely image using 103 and 5 as a hint of colour when I do my black smokey eye look.  They are all very beautifully pigmented, although purple being a bit more chunky than the others.  They really remind me of Barry M’s Dazzle Dusts in terms of pigmentation and colour range, although a few quid cheaper!  A must have for fancy dress and experimenting!

What I Think – Stargazer offers really good quality products for a great price.  It can be hard to get hold of in shops – and the stands in New Look are often quite a mess, but its worth having a browse because I think you can find some real gems.  The only thing that bugs me with the products is that they have numbers instead of names, although I can tell that they have started naming new products such as the pearl shadows.

I’ve found new favourites in the Star Pearl eye shadows and I can tell they will be a staple in my everyday make-up kit for a long time coming.

Have you used or got any Stargazer products?  What’s your favourite? How would you wear the Glitter Eye Dusts?

Please note I was sent the products free of charge but I was not paid to review them, and all opinions expressed are honest!


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