I got my eyebrows did!

I have the bushiest, fattest, most caterpillar-like eyebrows out of all my friends, and although I quite like them, I’m way too scared to do anything other than occasionally pluck the strays.  I really believe that eyebrows are so important when it comes to looking fabulous and they really shape your face and complete any look.

The other day I had my first ever eyebrow shaping experience – can you believe I waited 22 years to get my eyebrows fixed?!  I met the lovely Jenna Treat at a beauty event in London and I can tell you now, she’s amazing!  She made me feel completely relaxed and everything about her is fab – her amazing Canadian accent, her bubbly, fun personality and the fact that I instantly felt I could let her fiddle with my brows.

I asked her what she would do to mine and she said that my brows were lovely and didn’t need much work, albeit a bit of evening out and shapening.  I circled the problem areas that she mentioned to me below – e.g an extra tuft of hair on my right brow, not enough arch on the left etc.  I also showed her the end of my right brow which ends quite abruptly, due to me stupidly over tweezing a few months ago thinking they were strays and she said that they should take around 7 months to grow back, so I should just fill it in until then.

problem areas

I agreed with her and let her get to work – she used a hot wax on a wooden stick and applied it to the areas and gently waxed – and it didn’t hurt at all!  I surprised myself by not flinching and I let Jenna work her magic, it almost made me fall asleep I was so relaxed.  After she waxed and tweezed she added a tiny bit of brow powder to the end of my right brow to fill it in and showed me my new look in a mirror.


Ahhhhhh I LOVE THEM!!  I have never been so happy with them, ever.  How great do they look?! 


I am so so happy with my new brows and I vow to now keep them in good shape!

You can visit Jenna at Real Hair salon, in Chelsea, London (salon website here).  I thoroughly suggest going to her if you’ve never had your brows waxed before, I've already recommended her to all my friends and will be popping to the salon next year once I need another bit of shaping!

How do you manage your brows?  Ever had them waxed?


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