October Favourites!

I was a very naughty bunny last month and I didn’t do my September favourites!!  I didn’t think there was any point as I spent three weeks of September stuck inside my house with no makeup on after having my tonsils out, but I’m back this month with loads of favourites!!



MAC Zoom Fast Black Lash Mascara

You can read my full review of this mascara HERE.  Its all I have been wearing all month and I adore it, it makes my lashes lovely and thick and I have had no reason to use any other mascara this month.

MACs Chatterbox Lipstick

Bought this ages ago but never used it until this month!  I love the shade and tone of this pink lippie and I feel that a slick of it instantly makes me look and feel feminine and pretty.  Goes really well with my blonde hair and a great way to add some colour to my usual black wardrobe.


This is my housemates and I have been using it at every chance I get!  I desperately want to get one of my own, but the writing on the back has rubbed off and we can’t tell what shade it is! PANIC!! My housemate even took it to a MAC store and asked a SA to match it up but even she couldn’t work it out, making us worry that this shade has been discontinued.  I have a slight feeling it may be Melba but I can’t be sure.  DOES ANYONE KNOW!? 

Its the most beautiful pink peach shade, but it is matt and so pigmented that you only need the tiniest bit to warm your face up.  I NEED this blush for myself, help!!


Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Worker

My hair has been so dry recently and I’m starting to panic that bits are snapping off!  Thankfully I always have this Miracle worker to hand and its restored my hair somewhat.  It definitely feels a lot more soft and nourished since I’ve been using this twice a week!

The Body Shop’s Cranberry Hand lotion

Perfect size for carrying around in my bag and it smells delicious!! Cranberry really reminds me of Christmas as it only comes out in the Limited Edition Christmas range at TBS, so I stock up on the range whenever it comes out.  This is the first year that TBS have done hand creams in the Christmas scents and I’m glad they did.  At £3 as well its really affordable!

The Body Shop’s Cocoa Butter Body Butter

I think its because of stress with the amount of Uni work I’m under, that my eczema has really flared up all over my arms and shoulders - cringe.  I’d never used Cocoa Butter before on the dry patches so I decided to give it a try and its definitely keeping my arms soft and less itchy.  I really like the smell and the thickness of it is perfect for my dry skin.  I’ll be using this all winter to keep my skin soft and supple!

The Body Shops Vanilla and Nutmeg Lip balm

Another Limited Edition Christmas product, this one is last years Vanilla lip balm and I can’t get enough.  The smell is amazing, it moisturizes my lips in this cold weather and it adds a shine and gloss to my lips which I adore.  I keep applying this on top of my favourite lipsticks also.

Revlon Matte Lipstick in Strawberry Suede

On nights out or when I’m going out to fancy meals I’ll use this lipstick.  Its the ultimate red, matte, glamour-puss colour.  I love this lipstick because it literally lasts all night without needing to reapply it – even after eating.  The colour is perfect, the tube is slick, I can’t find any faults with this!


Misguided Nail varnish MissCellaneous Nude Nail Splash

This varnish came out in last month’s Cosmopolitan magazine and I needed it after seeing it on a few blogs.  I adore it and its all I’ve been wearing all month.  Its a lovely nude for my pale skin, its really plain but I love having bare looking nails. 


Loving –

  • The weather! I love everything about autumn – the golden, falling, crunchy leaves, spicy chai tea in the evenings, burning cinnamon candles in my home, carving pumpkins, lighting sparklers – autumn and winter are such romantic seasons although I’m pretty gutted I have no one to share this Christmas with!
  • Food – having to cook for myself every night can be draining but I’ve loved experimenting recently.  My most used ingredients being avocados, homous, feta cheese, olives, basmati rice, meatballs!
  • Photography – another year at uni, another few months spending my time shooting endlessly and letting my creativity flow.  This month I’ll be spending many hours of each day in the darkroom – one of my favourite places to be, developing film, printing pictures and spending time alone, making art and thinking to myself!
  • Family – I have the most amazing parents ever and I am entirely grateful for their love and support in everything I do.  I wouldn’t be half the person I am without them.  I can talk to them about anything and they are always there for me, if I’m down I know that they're only a phone call away to cheer me up.  They even let me gatecrash their 23rd first date anniversary last weekend to take me ghost hunting in a haunted village in England for my university project – amazing!

Loathing –

  • Too much work!! – The next two weeks are going to be extremely busy for me, its unreal.  I have a Dissertation Outline due, an Auction & Print Sale at my university to organize, two acting jobs (one in Bournemouth & the other in Suffolk), and overtime hours at The Body Shop.  I’m going to really suffer and get drained emotionally and physically, but I’m determined to get it all done.
  • Housework – House visitors + takeaway pizza + Lots of vino = lots of washing to do & sticky floors!  I can’t stand the mess, even though the most of it has already been done, but I don’t have any time to finish!

I hope everyone is well and having a good autumn so far! 

Did you enjoy my favourites and Loving & Loathing's?  Are any of the above your current favourites as well?

AND what shade do you think the MAC blush is???!!



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