BENEFIT Collection!

I’ll admit that I didn’t own ONE piece of Benefit makeup until a few months ago, and I’ve somehow become equipped with these items over the past months through various reasons – presents, magazine giveaways and sales!  I now have a nice little benefit stash which I quite like!


It Concealer stick – I’m really impressed with this concealer, I automatically thought it’d be too dark for me but the colour is surprisingly good for my skin in the summer when I have caught some sun.  Good medium coverage, nice and easy application in a crayon format.

Eye Bright stick – I nearly always wear black kohl in my waterline so I use this rarely.  Sometimes I pop a tiny bit on the inside corners of my eyes just to widen them.  Looks nice on the waterline but I need to get used to not having black on!

Bad Girl eyeliner stick – Nice fat kohl black eyeliner.  Sometimes I think this is slightly too chunky to use day to day but its perfect for dramatic smokey eyes in the evening.  However, I find that this smudges quite a bit throughout the day compared to my usual Gosh black eyeliner, which is good if you want a smokey rock chick look, but can get messy.  It could do with better lasting power.


“That gal” brightening face primer – I adore the packaging of this, its so cute and retro!  I love the idea of the product – a brightening primer and I’ve been experimenting with how I use it.  I think your supposed to wear it underneath foundation but I really don’t notice much of a difference when I do!  I most like using this as a pink highlighter on my cheek and brow bone.  Its a really pretty sheer pink colour which isn’t too noticeable blended out, so its nice and subtle for every day wear.  For £22 I think its overpriced though, it’s not a must have.


Bad Gal Lash mascara – I haven’t used this yet!!!! Shock horror!  I’ve been loving my MAC Zoom lash and TBS Super Volume too much, so I will open this up once they’ve run out and I’ll do a big review on what I think of it!  I’ve heard so many different views on this mascara so I’m excited to make my own opinion on it.  The review will contain before and after pictures obviously!

Stay Don’t Stray eye primer -  I didn’t think I’d ever use another primer other than UDPP but I’ve used this a few times for work when I’ve forgotten to pack my UDPP when I travel back to Essex.  It’s actually not too bad, it holds my eyeshadow well, but it just doesn’t make the shadows ‘pop’ as much as the Urban Decay one does!  I will use this all up though and the sample size is perfect to carry around when travelling.

What I think about Benefit & their products:

I adore going past Benefits stores and stands as its always so neat, colourful and vibrant and the packaging makes me want everything, although I don’t think the actual products are any better than normal high street makeup brands.  I definitely think it is the packaging and style that makes it popular, but nothing is that amazing, in my opinion. This may be because I’m bias because I think its quite expensive for what it is, I think its the packaging which you’re paying for.  Saying that, I’ve only tried the products above, I’ve never tried their famous blushers or bronzers so I might be wrong!

What are your favourite Benefit products?  Do you have any recommendations?



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