My Lip-gloss Collection!

I don’t have a wide variety of lip-glosses for a beauty blogger, as I’m definitely more of a lipstick girl.  I hate sticky lip-glosses and my hair always gets stuck to my lips, no matter what the weather.  But I have quite a pretty collection and although I don’t wear them much, they’re very nice to look at!


As you can see, I love pink and coral colours – I don’t think other colours suit me as much, or I’m just not brave enough to wear them in general.  I don’t own any red glosses as I prefer to wear my red lips matte or just with lipstick – I’m not sure why but I feel like red glossy lips are a bit too much, on me anyway!

I’ll swatch and review each gloss in brand order for you!

The Body Shop Limited Edition Glosses & Permanent Hi Shine Lip Treatments


Top to Bottom: Love Gloss #19 (Limited edition out NOW for Winter collection), Love Gloss #13 (Permanent), Lip Bloom in Tulip Peach (LE), Crystal Sparkle Gloss (LE), Lip life Gloss (LE) , Hi Shine Lip Treatment in 01 Pink Cream, Hi Shine Lip Treatment 17 Golden Coral (LE).

tbs le

(Swatched top [left] to bottom [right])

I love the two Love Glosses in this selection for just adding a touch of shine and shimmer to the lips over lipstick – very pretty and feminine (I’ve even stocked up on the LE one because I love it so much!).  The other limited edition ones that TBS have released are gorgeous aren’t they?  I especially love the peach one and the pink with lots of shimmer in.  The two hi-shines are pretty but very sticky – in fact all of them are very tacky apart from the love glosses, but I like them for special occasions

The Body Shop Permanent Love Glosses


L-R Love Gloss #01, Lip Colour 10, Lip and Cheek Stain 03 (LE), Love Gloss #16, Love Gloss #18


I have almost all of the love glosses and a few of the old ones and I really like them.  They are a tad sticky but the colours are nice and they are all quite pigmented so you can wear them alone or with lipstick to create a unique shade/gloss which I like to do with them.

Bourjois and Barry M


L-R Bourjois Effet 3D Les Nudes in #34, Bourjois Eau de Gloss in #13 Rose a L’5eau, Barry M Lip Gloss in #11, Barry M Glossy tubes in #4


The Bourjois Effet Les Nudes is my favourite lip-gloss ever!! I love everything about it; the smell, the consistency, the wand, the colour! Its my perfect nude lip gloss, the wand is a brush so the application is made easy and it is not sticky!!  Its incredible, I will forever continue buying this!  The other Bourjois one is okay but I’ll admit I hardly ever reach for it, I find it quite gritty?  I love Barry M products in general and the lip glosses are nice – lovely and pigmented, but sticky, but the thing I love about them the most is their smell – delicious, like sweets!

Miscellaneous – Benefit, Sephora, Revlon & Natural Collection


L-R Benefit Her Glossiness in ‘My People, Your People’, Sephora Ultra Shine Gloss in #11, Revlon Super Lustrous in #21 Pink Crystals, Natural Collection Juicy Lips


Nice glosses but all quite tacky – especially the Revlon one.  The Sephora one smells delicious and is nicely pigmented.  I love the Natural Collection peach shade – its so affordable and the colour is lovely, but it does sometimes separate in the tube if I don’t use it much.  I got the Benefit one free in Glamour magazine a while back and use it every now and then.

MAC Lip Glass


L-R - Strange Potion (VV Collection), Live and Dye (Blonde, Redhead and Brunette Collection)


I only have two MAC glosses, can you believe it!!  But I love them both but use them rarely as they are both LE and I don’t want them to ever run out. 

So that's my whole lip gloss collection!!  As I said, my favourite is the Bourjois Effet Les Nudes, its incredible, go try it out in store!  I definitely think I have too many glosses so won’t be buying anymore for a while now until I finish a few.

What’s your favourite lip gloss?  Do you know of any other non-sticky ones?  Which ones above do you like the look of?


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