Barry M Lipsticks

You’re probably all bored of me raving on about Barry M but I wanted to do some updated swatches of the lipsticks I have because they’re so pretty!  I’ll get right to it -


52 – Vibrant, neon pink!  Perfect for brightening up any outfit.

146 – A cute pink with slight blue/lavender undertones!  Has a slight gloss and sheen to it, unlike most other Barry M lippies, which is nice! 

54 – Love this shade when lightly dabbed on my lips with a bit of gloss.  It’s way too bright and neon (I find) to wear with a full layer (if that makes sense?) so I put the tiniest bit on for a hint of orange/peach which really brightens my face up.  Very drying when worn alone.

147 – One of my favourite Barry M lippies but one I wear less and less because its so drying!  Its a beautiful pink peach colour but it really emphasizes any chapping, flakes or dry skin so make sure you’re lips are in perfect condition when you wear this!

150 – The newest addition to my collection and I have been wearing it constantly!  Its gorgeous, a very natural blushing pink brown on my lips, you can hardly tell I’m wearing anything.  It’s not drying either, its surprisingly moisturizing which I love.  I think this colour will suit everyone, I really recommend it.

 52146 54147150IMG_0493

What I think – Barry M are incredible for unique colours and I always love looking at their makeup stands.  The lipsticks are great for colour choice but are so drying.  #52 & #54 are so dry in fact that its kind of hard to even apply straight from the bullet – you need to warm them up with a lip brush.  They really accentuate any dry patches on the lips so do scrub your lips before hand and apply lots of balm.

#150& #54 are my favourites and the ones I wear most often.  Barry M have also bought out a few deep plum, purple shades which I’m also dying to get my hands on, I think they’d be perfect for this winter!  I’ll let you know if I get them!

What are your favourite Barry M lipsticks or products?  Do you have any tips on making them less drying?



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