My Hair Timeline!

I’ve always wanted to do one of these and the time has come!  I have been through quite a few different hair colours and looks and I’ve enjoyed digging through my old computer files to find pictures of them all!

So my natural hair colour is a mousy blonde – I haven’t had natural hair for seven years now so I can’t imagine it suiting me at all but I’d like to go back to a more natural honey beach-babe blonde soon.

Baby! – A natural blonde with a cute little bob! 


Aged 15 – My hair was reallllyyy long!  And it was all natural but I used to use a wash out red tint every now and then.  I really like this hair colour actually!


Aged 15 - Haha, how cringey!  This was just after I’d used a wash in red tint – it lasted about a month and I thought I looked well cool!


Aged 16 - I AM NEVER GOING TO LIVE THIS DOWN.  Please girls, never ever do as I did and try and do highlights yourself at home.  I am so embarrassed about these pictures!! I did this the day before I went on a school trip to Prague so I didn’t have time to change it.  I basically used a hairdryer to warm up the bleach on my roots and this is what I was left with. arggghh!!

May Download 051 May Download 052

Aged 16 – This was a while after I first bleached my hair (my friends and I did photo shoots in each others bedrooms for fun!).  I dyed the underneath of my hair black and I let my friends chop short layers in to give my hair some volume.  Once I was this colour I felt that I was finally ‘myself’, I didn’t feel the need to change it anymore and I felt confident and really happy in my appearance.

3052_176198660544_612580544_6550390_2380756_n cowboyyy 078

jords birthday 054ahhh2

Aged 17 – Obsessed with Mary Kate Olsen, I decided one day at school that I wanted to copy her and go brunette (as she was at the time).  I ran home from school and dyed it and regretted it instantly!  I wasn’t too clued up on makeup although I loved doing smokey eyes, but I just had no idea how to wear makeup with this colour!  The blonde made the smokey eyes look good but I didn’t know how to wear it being a brunette.  I wish I’d had learnt to fill my brows in etc because I think it would have made me feel so much better!

IMG_0042 1 (2)

Aged 17 – I went back to blonde a month later!! I couldn’t resist lovely long blonde locks and bleached it.  I used a toner as well to take the orange out, but it wasn’t a very nice blonde, more of a dirty blonde.  I kept the brown underneath my hair.

IMGP2854 156138888_l

Aged 19 – Still blonde, I decided I was bored so I let my friends cut my hair shoulder length!  It was like a fresh start and was in much better condition afterwards!

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NOW! (Aged 22) – My hair is in good condition despite bleaching the roots once a month and I’m very happy with it.  I don’t have any layers as I let them all grow out, and I decided to let my natural hair colour grow out underneath so that I could see what it looks like now!!  (You can see that natural colour in this post).

I do think that I need some layers cut in because often my hair looks very flat, but I’m too scared to go to a hairdresser!


All in all I’m really happy with my hair, but I can’t help but wonder what I’d look like with natural, beach blonde babe hair, which one day I will do (when I’m brave enough!).  I think I get judged quite a lot when I first meet new people because of my hair colour, which I don’t like, and I think I might get treated a bit more seriously with natural coloured hair!

There you have it!  My entire hair timeline, I hope you enjoyed it and had a good laugh at all my hair mishaps!!

What was your worst hair style?  Have you made your own hair time? Show me!



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