Purity Organic Skincare Cleanser & Exfoliator Review!

I am all for organic and natural skincare and I love that there are more and more natural skincare brands popping up in our high streets.  When I was asked if I would like to try any products from the Purity Organic range I was very excited and chose out the facial deep pore exfoliator and the conditioning cleansing lotion – both products which I get through loads of and am always looking for new ones to try out.


Exfoliator £5.99


This is a gorgeous, really gentle exfoliator which is perfect for everyday use.  The exfoliating granules are actually ground coconut shell, and the creamy, liquid formula is ‘a blend of coconut oil, sweet almond oil and aloe vera’ – so natural and great for sensitive skin.  This exfoliator isn’t harsh in this slightest and so it scrubs away dead, dry skin gently and feels like its doing a good job of cleansing as well as reviving the skin.  As my skin is bonkers at the moment I am still using my St.Ives scrub once a week for an intense scrub, but I still use this whenever in the shower for a deep pore cleanse.

Cleanser £4.99


So it did take me about ten minutes to work out how to actually open this cleanser to use (you have to press the top which makes another section on the top pop up – very smart) so I’ve included a picture on how it looks once it’s open.  This cleanser is in fact lovely!  Its definitely on a par with my ‘Simple gentle cleanser’ which I also love.  This cleanser has hardly no smell except maybe a hint of rose water and  the formula includes avocado oil, amino acids, flower water, aloe and more natural ingredients to cleanse the skin.  I have been using this nightly to take all my heavy eye makeup off – I put a blob of it onto a baby wipe and then use it to cleanse the skin and remove m/u and it does a good job of taking all the grime off.  Also this doesn’t sting the eyes at all which is a plus. 

What I think:  You would normally expect natural, organic skincare to be quite pricey but I am overly impressed with the price of these two products, they are very affordable which makes them even better in my opinion (prices based on the Purity website, found here).  All of the products in the Purity Organic range are free from parabens, GM or petroleum-derived ingredients which is also a massive bonus.  Every product in the range is also certified by EcoCert and the majority of ingredients are from natural origin or organic farming!  You can buy Purity Organic skin care online or in Superdrug stores.

Have you tried Purity Organic Skincare before?  What’s your favourite natural/organic skincare range?



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