Goody Simple Styles Spin Pin

Last month I attended an event hosted by Goody, a hair styling brand that I personally hadn’t heard of before, but I learnt its extremely popular in the USA.  Goody have recently bought out a range of ‘Simple Styling’ tools that are very affordable, and can be used numerous ways to achieve great hair styles.  We had top session stylist, Neil Moodie, teaching us how to use the tools and showing us what we can achieve with them.


One of my favourite tools from the four released is the Spin Pin – its actually amazing girls, you won’t believe how it works.  Below are two simple bun styles that are very easy to do with the spin pins, even I achieved them with my 23inch long, thick hair.

Neat Bun:


Messy Bun:



So they basically look like like little screws and that's exactly how you use them, by screwing them clockwise into an up do. I swear to you that they will hold your hair in place all day.  You will never need a hair band or a bunch of bobby pins again.  Its hard to explain cause it sounds like it would never work but they do!  So above in my photographs you can see two example of buns that you can do with the pins and once they’re in, they’re in and you can’t even see them sticking out provided you screw them in enough.  To remove them you literally just find them in the bun and screw them counter-clockwise. 

It says online that using the pins are the equivalent of using 20 bobby pins, which is really impressive, I think!  In each Spin Pin set you get two screw pins and you can buy them in either ‘blonde’ (which I used), or brunette.  You can buy them from Boots, Asda or Morrissons and you get two for £4.98, which I think it pretty affordable if you think of how much money you spend on bobby pins throughout a year!  They’re also a great conversation starter – I’ve used these infront of friends and I always get a ‘woww, what on earth is that!’ reaction which is pretty funny.

Have you ever tried these or will you be trying them?  How do you wear your hair most?



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