No7 Lash Adapt Mascara Review!

Its been agggesss since I’ve written a mascara review, but I have come back in full force with a great new mascara to show you.  I am forever on the look out for a mascara that can lengthen my eyelashes, as well as define them and give me volume without making them clumpy.  

No7 have just bought out their new Lash Adapt Mascara; the idea being that you can adapt your lashes from day to night by adding a few more layers.  No7 say that you can layer the mascara up to 6 coats of the mascara without it clumping. 

I’ve been trialling it for the past two weeks and here are my results!
Without Mascara: 1 My eyelashes are short and very unimpressive, however I’ve recently discovered the magic that is an eyelash curler which I’m now obsessed with.  In the photographs above I have gently curled my eyelashes.

One Coat: 2 I LOVE how one coat looks on my lashes – it really separates them and defines them, whilst remaining really natural.

Two Coats: 3 Two coats lengthen my lashes, makes them slightly darker and defines them even more.

Three Coats: 4 Three coats is the perfect amount to accompany my dark smokey eyes, still without clumping!

Four Coats: 5 Four coats makes my eyelashes a lot thicker, but without looking too clumpy.   

(I didn’t have time to layer another two coats on, but I will do if any body wants to see? Let me know!)

What I think: This mascara has really surprised me.  Normally I steer clear of fat wands because they leave my lashes resembling spider legs, but the formula of the mascara is so gentle and thin that you can actually layer the coats on without having all your lashes stick together. 
I find this mascara really easy to remove at the end of the day (with cleanser) despite how many layers I’m wearing.  I don’t find that it smudges under my eyes (although to be honest I couldn’t really tell because I wear black eyeliner with it daily anyway) – but it does sometimes transfer just below my eyebrows, but this is easy to wipe off.

This mascara retails at £12.99 at Boots stores and there is an offer on it at the moment – buy it and you receive a free No7 eyeshadow palette.  AND, with the Boots £5 off vouchers you can pick them both up for only £7.99, bargain!
Have you tried this mascara yet? What’s your favourite mascara for non-clumping?


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