No7 Skincare Challenge!

No7 cosmetics have been slowly creeping into my makeup bag for the past two years.  I think their makeup is of a high quality and very pretty but for some reason I still haven’t tried out their skincare line (although I’ve heard lots about it – the hot cloth cleanser in particular).  This is where my Mummy comes in!

I have set my wonderful Mum a challenge – to use No7’s Lift & Luminate range for a month.  This is a pretty big deal because my mum has never had a ‘proper’ facial regime before.  At the moment she currently uses a moisturizer (from The Body Shop), an eye cream (from The Beauty Lab – when she remembers!) and that’s about it! 


No7’s Lift & Luminate range is aimed at mature women who want to not only help to banish fine lines and wrinkles, but also leave the skin more radiant, bright and firm.  This range clearly states that it can help ‘visibly firm, lift and brighten skin in 4 weeks’.  SO MOTHER SNOOKS, I CHALLENGE YOU TO THIS!

A quick intro to Mummy Snooks:

This is my mum and I at an X Factor concert (cringe, haha!) last year.

This is my Mum’s face before using any of the products:


My mum and I have quite similar skin although she has never had acne like me.  Her skin is dry and she does get the occasional blemish and she does have naturally flushed cheeks (rosacea?).  Like me, her skin normally reacts to new products by getting spots.  I think she looks incredible for her age (she’s 47) as she hardly has any wrinkles but she is concerned about the bags under her eyes.  Hopefully the No7 range will help improve this!

So Mummy Snooks will be using the Lift & Luminate day cream, night cream and eye cream for a month and I will be documenting the changes in her skin through out September.

No7 have created this range as they have now tailored their clinically proven Protect & Perfect range’s anti-ageing technology for different ages.  “No7 has undertaken skincare segmentation research and has formulated anti-ageing skincare to be relevant to women by age group:
o Protect & Perfect range is formulated for women aged 25-35
o Protect & Perfect Intense range is formulated for women aged 35-45
o Lift & Luminate range is formulated for women aged 45-60
o Restore & Renew range is formulated for women aged 60+

I thought I’d include here a bit of science for you all about the ingredients in the range, No7 say “This complex uses a patented combination of ingredients, including Hawaiian Algae and Vitamin C which help the cells in mature skin behave like young cells again to restore natural radiance.   The Lift & Luminate range also contains proven anti-ageing ingredients including white lupin and peptides found in our famous No7 Protect and Perfect Intense Beauty Serum, with additional lipoaminacids to help lift and firm.”

The whole range is also hypoallergenic and has been tested on a variety of customers with even the most sensitive skin to make sure that all skin types can use it, so I’m really looking forward to seeing the results of using these products for a month. 

You can buy the Lift & Luminate range from Boots (website here).

In the next post I will be updating you on how Mummy Snooks is getting on, as well as a few short reviews on the range so far and my skin care questions answered by dermatologist Dr Mike Bell (if you have any skincare questions, don’t hesitate to comment with them below and I’ll ask them to Dr Bell!). 

Have you used No7’s skincare before?  What skincare products do your parents use, if any?

(Please note this is a sponsored post!)



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