Birthday & Graduation!

This again (like my holiday post) has nothing to do with beauty (I’m sorry!), but instead is a nosey at my life recently. 

So I graduated from university in July and it was one of the best days of my life!  That sounds so cheesy, but it was a day where my class mates and I were all together, feeling special and on top of the world.  All the stress of the past three years was behind us and we could relax and have a giggle wearing our gowns.

It took place at the Royal Festival Hall on Southbank and the sun was shining and everything was perfect!
It felt like a day at Hogwarts and backstage we were practising our magic spells ( a la wingarrrrdium levioosaa!).  After the ceremony my parents took me to eat at the Skylon Restaurant in the Royal Festival Hall which was delicious.  I then met up with my classmates and we drank champagne and celebrated appropriately!

23rd Birthday!
Firstly, thank you all for my birthday wishes on the day!  I can’t believe I’m now 23, crazy.  On my actual birthday day I went shopping with my sister and mum (where we also had a manicure at Dove Spa).  We then went off to London to meet my dad from work and went for dinner at The Savoy Grill (Gordon Ramsey’s restaurant!).  The food was incredible but I was SO full after the main course (and also a bit tipsy from the wine & cocktails!).  After the meal I headed off to Oxford Circus to meet my girlfriends to laugh the night away.


267361_10150239797897714_508542713_7230449_3423503_n Me and one of my besties in Soho that night!

I’d like to say here also that I’ve had one of my best summers of my life this year!  Apart from being pretty much jobless after uni and boyfriendless (which I’m not even bothered about anymore), then I’ve had the most amazing time socializing and having a laugh.  I’ve loved house parties and escapes to the countryside with my uni friends, weddings & catch ups with my school friends, and meeting incredible, sweet bloggers at events!  Its going to be hard to top this summer!

Has everybody else had a great summer?  Have you graduated this year too?

P.S – I was also interviewed twice this summer about my blog!  You can read the interviews here (The Teacup Agency) and here (The Glossy Guide)!!



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