American Dream Hair Extensions (unicorn hair!)

Earlier this year I had the chance to have some hair extensions clipped in to my locks!  I have never worn hair extensions before because 1) my hair is so thick I really didn’t want more hair clogging up my headspace, and 2) because I’ve always been really paranoid about people being able to see the clips etc.  But I decided that a temporary change might be cute, and so I chose to have a baby pink and baby blue extensions clipped in!



The brand of hair extensions I used are called American Dream Extensions and they come in a massive variety of colours, sizes – they even do ombre-ed hair extensions!  The hair also includes already attached clips so you don’t need to spend aged sewing them in yourself. 


Their official online shop is here, but you can get them slighter cheaper at £10.25 at this link.  The extensions are around £10-25 depending on the length which I think is pretty good, I thought they would have been much more pricey because they are 100% natural human hair.

4 (these two photos are courtesy of the wonderful Jess from Star Violet Beauty, blog here!)

I think colourful clip on extensions are fab for adding some fun to an outfit or to brighten hair up a bit.  I have always wanted ‘My Little Pony/Unicorn hair’ and I now I can have!!

(I have another colourful hair product which I’m going to be posting about very soon, stay tuned for that!)

Do you use extensions?  Which colour would you choose?



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