July Favourites!

I love doing these posts so much, I think I’ve done one religiously ever since starting this blog!  I only bought five pieces of make-up this month – I think that's pretty impressive for a beauty addict huh! So I’ve been using lots of old favourites and a few bits which have been sent to me!


The Body Shop Raspberry Body Lotion – My favourite summer body lotion, the smell is just divine.  This only comes out in TBS’s sales so I stock up on them when they are available.  My sister uses this also, and I can always tell when she does because the whole house is filled with the scent of sweet raspberries.  I don’t know anyone who doesn’t adore the smell of this.  Its perfect for summer as the formula is very light and doesn’t leave you greasy at all.

Rogue Bunny Rogue As If It Were Summer Still… Bronzer – I was sent this to review for Zuneta and I have completely fallen in love with it, it’s now taken pride place in my make-up bag! You can see my guest blog with my thoughts on it, with swatches later in the week on Zuneta.com Click HERE for review!!

Topshop Nice N’ Neutral Nail Varnish – This is my sisters but I’ve stolen it.  Its all I’ve been wearing all month.  I’m going through a period of loving having nice bare, manicured fingernails after a year of wearing bright pinks/blues/holo.  Maybe its because I’m turning 22 next week and my subconscious is telling me to start being mature, haha!  Proper review with swatches to come!

Edward Bess Lipstick in Secret Desire – When I first saw this I fell in love with it, but nearly died when I saw the £24 price tag.  So I was over the moon when I was given it to try out for free!  Since owning it, I can definitely justify the huge price tag and definitely think its worth every penny.  The colour is stunning, suits all skin tones, is moisturizing, smells great, lasts ages, I can’t find any faults with this lipstick!

MAC Jazzed Lipstick – Perfect coral/orange for summer, you can find my full review of it Here!!!

MAC Porcelain Pink Mineralized Skinfinish – I have really fallen in love with this blush, it gives me the most beautiful glow and dazzles a pink-opal colour in the light.  You can see swatches of it on my cheeks Here!  Its the perfect highlight for summer and I usually team it with TBS’s 05 blush.

L’Oreal Infallible foundation Porcelain – Whenever I get stressed, whenever I use a cleanser or exfoliator that my skin doesn’t like, or whenever I have boy troubles, I get spots.  All three of these have happened lately so my skin has decided to hate me and give me a few random annoying pimples.  Luckily I have my favourite foundation on hand which happens to be this one!  I always used to have problems with foundations, always being the wrong colour, not the right consistency or amount of coverage but ever since I bought this one I’ve been very happy and content with it and no longer feel the need to look at other foundations.  I’m already on my third bottle of this!  Its the palest foundation I’ve found on the high street, the formula is perfect and its affordable at £11.


I have a feeling that this month (August) I’ll purchase quite a bit of new make-up as its my birthday next week and I’ll be getting some birthday money, so Augusts' favourites will be quite exciting I’m sure!

Do you like Raspberry lotion like me? Or have you caught the ‘nude nail bug’!?

P.S – Thought I should introduce everyone to my two pets!

First we have Dallas.  He is a crayfish and I’ve had him for a year and a half.  He lives in my room with me in a tank and is great fun except for when he tries to escape at night-time.  He’s been a bit poorly lately so me and my rents decided to bath him and he loved it.


Next up we have Bishmael.  We’ve had him a year and a half also and we absolutely adore hamsters.  This is a video of me and Bishmael last year.

Isn’t he absolutley amazing and adorable!  He is getting quite old for a hamster now and he loosing his hair but we still love him to bits and play with him every day!

Who else has fun pets?! Show me pictures!



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