Topshop Shoes! I need your advice!

I’ve never done a fashion post on this blog before, but I need some advice and I know I can trust you girls!
My favourite type of heels are wedges because I find them very comfortable as I feel they support my feet more than normal heels do, but my favourite wedges are falling apart and I really needed a new pair!  I trotted into Topshop yesterday not intending on buying anything but then I saw the shoes!! I ended up walking out with two shoeboxes and some gorgeous heels.  They were both in sale and I think they are good bargains, but I’m not sure if I should keep both pairs or take a pair back (I’m spending too much on shoes and bags lately and need to save some money)!
So we have pair number 1 – gorgeous grey wedges!
£30! Bargain huh! I think these are my favourites as they are comfy wedges and I think that as they are grey they will go with almost anything.  I can imagine wearing a cute little black dress with nice smooth silky bare legs and these shoes!
Pair 2! Heels.
These shoes are very high, I feel like a giant when I wear them (in a good way though!)  I adore that my feet are literally strapped into these as I hate wearing high heels which my feet aren't secure in and may slip out, if you know what I mean?  I do adore these, I think they are very classy and different and again I think they would go with almost anything – they look more black in real life.  £35!
I used my student discount on these purchases as well saving me over £6 which was good.  I really love them both, but what do you guys think?  Do you prefer pair 1 or pair 2?


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