No7 New Nail Polish Swatches!

Today I am bringing you a whopping 12 swatches of the new No7 nail polishes that have recently launched!  In all of the swatches below I used either two or three coats.


Lucky Lilac (50) – how beautiful is this!  The formula of this polish is perfect, I think I only used two coats above.  A gorgeous pale lilac.

Pinky Pure (160) - a pale, almost white, baby pink.  I think this would look beautiful with tanned skin or for a colourful twist on a French manicure.  Can be a bit streaky but should be fine with four coats.

Disco Nights (370) – when I first saw this in the bottle I was like ‘ew!’, but it looks absolutely stunning on the nails, as you can see in the swatches above.  This really does glisten in the sunlight.

Hot To Trot – This is one of my favourites, a lovely copper gold.  This is the shade that Nail Artist to the stars Jamie Nunn used to create the Antique Marble Effect (seen here), by painting the polish on a sponge and then lightly pressing the sponge onto the nail over another colour!

Cheeky Chops (240) – another of my favourites!  Perfect for spring and summer, a beautiful pink with a hint of peach.

Mojo (230) – This nail polish impressed me; great formula, lovely orange/red colour with a noticeable gold shimmer in the light, very pretty.

Crave Me – Both me and Zoe (from The London Lipgloss) agree that this is the most perfect red for a nail polish!

Perky (260) – The colour in the bottle of this is BEAUTIFUL, but on the nails it is a disaster!  The formula is so watery and after three coats you can still see the actual whites of my nails.  Maybe this would look better painted over a white nail polish?

Jammy (270) – I think this will be a hit in Boots stores, Jammy is a lovely hot pink with a pink shimmery opal effect in the light. 

Devils Delight (190) – a deep red, very sophisticated and mysterious.

Dollar (340) – Another of my favourite, how bloody amazing is this!  Reminds me of mermaids and stormy seas.

Stand Back (300) – this has a great formula and is very pigmented, the colour is perfect for toes!

What I think – I love all of these polishes (with the exception of Perky!) because the formulas are great; they are all extremely pigmented and sit really well on the nail.  For most of the swatches above I only used two coats which is impressive in my opinion.  Each of the polishes also have a new brush applicator which I prefer to the old ones – they are wider so you can almost coat the whole nail in one sweep.  I’m also impressed with the colours, I have never seen a polish like Dollar or Mojo before.  These retail in Boots stores at around £6-7 which I personally think is pricey for a nail varnish, but with Boots vouchers they are much cheaper and with the new formula and brush I guess its worth it!

Do you have any of these new shades?  What’s your favourite out of the bunch?



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