The Chelsea Day Spa manicure!

Last month I was invited to have a complimentary manicure in Chelsea that I just couldn’t turn down (a manicure… in Chelsea!!!).  So off I trotted on a sunny Monday morning to have my talons preened and made beautiful.

The salon itself is pretty small but they offer a wide variety of treatments (massages, facials, waxing, pedicures etc).  The interior is decorated beautifully and was very comfortable and I had a lovely girl (I can’t remember her name!) make my nails look beautiful.


The Chelsea Day Spa use ‘Jessica’ nail products – I’d personally never heard of the brand but learnt that they are a professional nail brand who only supply to salons (which is a shame because I loved the colour that I chose). 

The mani started off with a nail soak, followed by a removal of the cuticles.  I always expect this part of the manicure to be quite painful but because of the soak before-hand I didn’t feel a thing.  My nails were filed down to a natural curve and then the Jessica ‘Phenomenal Oil’ was applied to my nails and cuticles for some moisture, this smelt lovely, I didn’t want to take it off!  At this point I was also given a hand massage which was very relaxing. 

After a bit the nail oil was removed with remover and the base coat was applied.  She explained to me that if there are any oils on the nail before applying the polish then the manicure won’t last as long (because the polish won’t attach itself properly, and so it will chip easily) so always remove anything on the nails with a remover before-hand. 


When the base coat was dry she applied the nail polish shade I chose, which was ‘Temptress of the Sea 675’.  If I could buy this colour, I definitely would because its stunning – a sheer, pale pink, opal, shimmery shade.  She applied three coats, sealed them with a topcoat, and then applied a nifty little bit of Jessica ‘Quick Dry’ on the nails.

My nails weren’t in the best condition before hand – I have a nasty habit of picking them with I’m bored, but they looked lovely afterwards and the polish lasted on my nails for at least five days afterwards which was impressive.


The New York Manicure at the Chelsea Day Spa is currently only £12.50 which I think is really affordable for a treat every month.  For my next date I’ll definitely be popping back down for another mani!  
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How often do you get a manicure?  What kind of colour do you choose when you have a mani?



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