Holiday in Morocco!

This time last week I had just returned from holiday in North Africa, Marrakech to be precise!  My parents went for their anniversary a few years ago and loved it, so we decided it would be an adventure and perfect for our summer holiday this year!

Week 1;
We stayed in a Riad in the centre of Marrakech which was crazy.  It was over 40 degrees, the food (lamb and prune/chicken and lemon tagines with couscous) was incredible, the souks were mind-blowing – it was crazily busy, with donkeys, motorbikes, and cars trying to squeeze down tiny lanes, little kittens everywhere, beautiful crafts; bags, slippers, jewellery, lanterns in the shops… the atmosphere was incredible (I will never moan at how busy Oxford Street is again!). 
The Riad we stayed in (Riad Afrika) was perfect; we had a woman cook us breakfast (traditional Moroccan pancakes) every morning, as well as a roof terrace, plunge pool in the courtyard, and en suite bedrooms.  We also spent a few hours in Yves Saint Laurent’s garden (Majorelle Garden) which was beautiful and very relaxing.

The souks in the Medina

A gorgeous lantern shop and a view of the main square.

Me being vain on our roof terrace – just look at that view!

Posing next to a cactus in YSL’s garden and being a tourist with my sister and her boyfriend.

Week 2;
The second week was heaven on earth.  Honestly, I have never been anywhere so relaxing, peaceful and beautiful (except maybe The Blue Mountains in Aus!).  We rented a cute Kasbah just outside of Marrakesh (which looked like a sandcastle!), where we had a massive swimming pool all to ourselves, as well as pet peacocks, bunnies, chickens and goats running around.  We also found a scorpion in our bath one day and a praying mantis on our sun lounger the next!  All I did was read, sunbath (with spf50!), swim and feed the peacocks and bunnies, the perfect second part to the holiday.

Feeding pet peacock next to the pool.
The Sandcastle Kasbah we stayed in, and me admiring the bunnies!


I would really recommend visiting Morocco to everyone, it was a great adventure and I definitely want to visit again in a few years.  Next time I want to climb the Atlas Mountains and take more spending money (and a bigger suitcase) so I can decorate my bedroom with lanterns, tassels and gorgeous ornaments.

Have you ever been to Morocco?  Where is your favourite holiday destination?



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