My FAVOURITE nail-varnish EVER

All my close friends will know that I went NUTS when I first saw this nail polish on a few blogs because I adore and am obsessed with holographic-ness! I actually searched three different Superdrug stores to hunt this down and I finally found it.

549 - Holographic


Words can not describe how in love I am with this nail varnish. I’m so in love I bought two bottles at once as I didn’t want to ever not own this. I mean, come on, who can’t agree that this is just MAGICAL?

MAKEUP NAILS 156 (with flash)

The formula, in my opinion, is perfect. Its applies in a really thin yet pigmented layer, which takes 30seconds max to dry, you can tell it is dry when its starts to shimmer amazingly in the light. I apply three coats when I use this product to build up the most beautiful colour ever. When you do use it however, do make sure that the coat before is dry before you pop another one on, as it does get very streaky otherwise. You also can’t really use a base coat with this as it streaks like crazy as well – its kind of hard to explain but if you’ve used it then you will know what I mean.


I took this picture two days after having put it on – as you can see it does chip really easily, which is a shame, but as it dries so quick you can always pop another coat on. This picture was taken when I was in the car on a sunny day – the sun just makes your nails goes crazy.

I’m not actually positive if this colour is still available? I haven't seen it around for a while, but I really hope it isn’t limited edition! If someone's in the know, please tell me if its still available or not!

I also have one of China Glaze’s holographic nail varnishes which I will swatch and review in comparison to this polish when I’m back at my other flat!

What does everyone think? Too much, or amazing?


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