Rush Hair salon!

I had a haircut!! Arrggghhhhhh! I am so so scared of hairdressers, just because I always seem to blow so much money on a cut and style that I didn’t even ask for, its just never how I want it to end up. However, last week I went with my friend to Rush at Lakeside, to watch her have a hair transformation; she decided to try out red hair (from brunette) and to have a trim.  She looked gorgeous at the end, the hairdresser did the best job and I was jealous, her hair looked healthy, with a gorgeous cut and colour! So I booked my own last week.

I haven't had a hair cut in a year and my hair (before the cut) it was pretty much all the same length.  I loved it like this as I could plait it and no random hairs would fall out, and because it was all one length, it was pretty obvious that I wasn’t wearing extensions as I think people assume that most girls with platinum blonde hair do wear falsies.  BUT, as I had no layers, my hair was completely flat and lacked volume and style, I did need a change. 

So these are my before and after pictures -



The Experience – Everyone in the store was lovely, very friendly.  The woman at the desk sat me down with some magazines, took my coat and offered me tea etc whilst my hairdresser was finishing off her last client.  I wasn’t waiting long when my hairdresser sat with me and we discussed what I wanted.  I asked for ‘More volume, I want some short layers so I can give my hair more style, I want to keep the length, but I don’t mind a small trim’. 

She was lovely and told me exactly what she was going to do with my hair; Wash it with some kerastase products to ensure its really conditioned, then whilst its wet she was going to trim the ends and add a few random layers all over, then she was going to dry my hair and cut a few shorter layers in.

The wash was lovely and relaxing, I think I had a work experience girl doing it though, but she knew what she was doing and did it well.  Then back in my seat, my hair was combed through… which was pretty agonizing and painful… My hair is dry, yes, but I can comb it through fine at home.  The brush and comb got full of my hair very quickly, which ended up in it making more knots in my hair, yet she didn’t empty the brush out… which I thought was odd.  Another thing which annoyed me was, she blow dried my fringe into a centre parting, when I told her I wanted to keep the side parting… so at the end when she styled my hair, it obviously kept falling back into a centre parting, which was very annoying and didn’t need to be like that. 

Over all I think I spent about an hour and fifteen minutes in the salon.  To be honest I wasn’t very happy with the end result, I always feel too shy to say anything like ‘can I have it shorter, can you change this please’, so I just kept quiet, which is probably always my downfall. 


In the second image above you can see how long the ‘shortest’ layer is… Not short at all, which I was quite disappointed with cause it hardly volumizes my hair, I wanted a lot shorter than that.  Also, quite a lot of length was taken off my ends which I wasn’t too happy about, along with the fact that its cut in a dead straight line, I’m more of a messy hair chick, not a dead straight line chick, if you get me!

I paid for everything myself, although I had a 50% off voucher from the friend who had her hair done before me (Recommend a Friend scheme).  So I ended up paying £22 for the cut, which without the discount would have been £44, which is extortionate. 

I’ve gotten used to the change now, and I do like it, it definitely needed some change and shape, which it now has.  I’ve since washed my hair, and to be honest it kind of does look exactly the same as it did before, no one has noticed the change, which, paying £22 for, I would want people to notice.

Conclusion – The staff were lovely, the salon itself was nice and clean and well laid out, but it is a bit over priced and I didn’t get exactly what I asked for, even though I made it clear at the beginning.  I enjoyed my experience there, although I wouldn’t go back unless I had another voucher.


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