This is going to be quite a different post on my blog today! 

I moved out of home in September to be closer to uni in London, and obviously I had to learn how to cook myself a decent meal.  I’ve always been really good with food, I used to date a waiter who taught me SO much about food.  He taught me how to cook and introduced me to ingredients I’d never heard of, (he worked at Jamie Oliver's restaurant!!) .  Since then, I’ve adored cooking and being adventurous with new foods. 

Recently, I’ve been cooking ingredients I’ve never cooked before, and trying out different combinations and generally trying to be healthy.  So here I will show you some pictures of some meals I have cooked recently.

King Prawn Fajitas!

IMG_0006 IMG_0009

Ingredients – Red onion, one garlic clove, red pepper, roquet salad, avocado, kidney beans, king prawns and fajita wraps! 

This is so easy to make and it takes about 10 minutes, so its great if you are on the go.  I’m going to cook this again for dinner tonight as it was so nice!

Katie’s Special Baps!

1 001

Honestly couldn’t think of a better name! Haha!

Ingredients – Wholemeal bread roll, avocado, salad, red onion, pepperoni.

Tadaaaa! Simple as.  Whack all the ingredients and its done!

Katie’s Healthy Roast Salad

makeup lips 039

Ingredients – Butternut squash, red onion, garlic, red peppers, avocado, wholemeal pitta, button mushrooms, salad, oil, feta cheese

This one takes longer as you have to prepare the butternut squash and roast it with the mushrooms, pepper and onions for about 45minutes, with lots of oil and garlic.  Once thats done, you just pop it on top of a salad of your choice, add avocado and feta cheese! This tastes AMAZING. I was SO proud of myself after I made this, I couldn’t believe that I made something so tasty.  I was so excited I even made it for my whole family once I was back home and forced them to eat it, haha!

You can kinda see the kind of ingredients that I adore at the moment; red onion, avocado, prawns etc!

Sorry this post was so random guys, I just wanted to show off my lovely new cooking skills!  I still can’t make cheese sauce though, or a jacket potato for that matter.


Me and Jamie O! The guy I dated was actually a really good friend of Jamie, so obviously I begged him to introduce me!  Jamie is so so lovely, he called me tiger! Haha! And I ate some food that he cooked himself – it was a chicken caesar salad – gorgeous!

What does everything think of this post, and my food? Would you like to see more monthly instalments of my fattiness? Haha!  Please tell me if you need the recipes and I will type out how I made them for you, and if you make any then let me know!



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