The Body Shop Haul!

I hate the word ‘haul’, I think it makes me sound greedy, selfish and gluttonous; I’m really not! Haha, but I didn’t know how else to title this post!  I bought a few bits from TBS lately that I wanted to share with you!

Here is what I got and the offers which are on them at the moment.


Sweet Lemon Body Scrub & Wild Cherry Body Butter – Buy one get one free = £12.50 

This offer is only on certain body and foot care products, including coconut, mango body butter and scrubs and some shower gels etc, but its a great deal.  Also in my store and a few others at the moment, they have £3 off sampling vouchers, so you could get these two for £9.50 if you received a voucher!  I adore the smell of the lemon scrub, it smells like lemon meringue, so good! And the wild cherry is delicious, almost edible, I’ll see how this is with my eczema!

Facial Buffer £3.00– I’ve been hearing such great things about this so I bought it!  I used it for the first time today to take my make-up off, with a cleanser and my face is so smooth right now, I can’t stop touching it!  It did feel a bit harsh as I was using it, but I do have quite sensitive skin, so I just rubbed it in circular motions very lightly and it still scrubbed my dry skin off.  I also love the little handle which you can slip your fingers in, it makes it really easy to use.


Love ETC… EDP & make-up bag! If you buy any Love ETC perfume, you get the make-up bag worth £6, for free!

I love this fruity, summery fragrance and decided to finally purchase it!  I’m glad I did cause this make-up bag is adorable! Its quite roomy and will be easy to wipe down because of the material that it is made out of.


Summer Trend Eye shadow in Jade.

I finally got another one of these gorgeous baked shadows.  I haven't tried it out yet but will probably try it out tomorrow.  How pretty is it? And look at all those shimmery colours in the darker bit!  It looks stunning swatched but I forgot to take pictures before posting this as I was too excited! Haha, I will do that with a FOTD soon!

Hope you enjoyed seeing my disgusting beauty obsession, it really sickens me how much I purchase, but I can’t help.  Has any body got any tips to stop buying make-up?  Maybe I will do the 10pan thing? Also let me know if you’ve taken advantage of any of these offers, I want to know what you bought with them!!

I indulged myself in a bit of topshop make-up as well as I had a gift card to use up, so a post on that will be coming tomorrow! XXX


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