Face Mist Potion!

I made my own ‘spritzer potion’ a few weeks ago and I’ve been using it almost everyday and thought I’d share it with you!

I don’t use toners as I used to have really acne prone skin and didn’t like using too many products.  Now days, I find I don’t really have the time to use a toner, so instead I created my own little face mist to use after I take my make-up off, and before I apply it in the mornings.

I LOVE making potions and I love natural ingredients and knowing what is going into my products, so this was very fun to make and decide what to put in it etc.

Here are my ‘ingredient's’ and a description on why I chose them!


The Body shops Vitamin E Face mist – Its lovely and refreshing, sets my make-up, has vitamin protection, its moisturizing and is mostly made up of rosewater, which I love. Added 1/2 into my bottle.

 TBS Vitamin E facial oil – This is probably my holy grail skincare product, I adore it.  I’ll do a seperate review on it soon, but I added this because it is really moisturizing and full of wheat germ oil and Vit E goodness which is great for acne scars! It is quite pricy, but totally worth it.  Added 5 drops into my bottle.

TBS Tea tree oil – I added a tad of this as obviously it keeps the oil at bay, and is antibacterial, to kill off any germs and bacteria on my face! Added 1/2 drops.

Boots Botanics Organic Rosewater Toner – I lurrvee this stuff.  Its really cooling, soothing and smells delicious.  I added it for all those reasons, and the fact that it is a toner.  I added 1/4 into my bottle!

There you have it! And the finished result =


I picked up the bottle at Boots for around £1 – 2.

Ever since I have started using this, my skin has become really fresh and ‘dewy’ looking.  Even my mum noted that my skin looked like ‘a babies’!  Like I said before, I use this morning and evening, and I shake it up well before use.  This will probably last only a few months before I’ll have to make up another batch as it might go off?? I’m not sure, if any one knows how long I can keep it for let me know!!

Does any one else have a ‘made-up-potion’ that they use and swear by?  Let me know your secrets! XXX


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