Topshop Make-up!

When I first saw pictures of the new Topshop make-up range, I wasn’t at all interested, I was convinced that it would be ugly, cheap looking and badly made, but I was wrong!  The more I heard about it, the more I wanted to check it out for myself and I got the chance last weekend.


I bought two things which stood out to me, with a gift card which I got for my birthday last year. 

Cream blush in Flush and Neon Rose - £6 each

I loveeeee these SO much! The formula is so different but it works well, its creamy but as soon as it touches the skin, it sets like a powder, so it feels silky smooth.  This also means that you have to work quite quickly to blend it in your cheeks, otherwise you will look like you have sunburn, haha. 



Flush is a gorgeous bright barbie pink which gives a lovely light pink flush when applied to the apples of cheeks. 

Neon Pink is more orange based, meaning its a tad more red and orange, which is very in this Spring/Summer.  Its easy to go overboard with this shade so build it up slowly, bit by bit, to avoid looking like a lobster.

I also love that you can wear these shades on your lips, which I will definitley be doing.  They will need a tad of gloss or balm underneath them whilst on the lips, as they are quite drying because of the powder effect, but the colours are so worth it!



On the pictures below, I have used each blush on the lips AND cheeks, just so you can see what they look like on!



Please excuse the freckles!! These cream blushes don’t budge either; I had a bath just after I swatched these and they are still on my hand now! Which means you won’t have to apply through out the day.  I also really like how the compacts have mirrors in, not many product do these days.  It makes it handy to quickly apply when out and about!

So there you have it! I will really treasure these as I don’t have any other cream blushers apart from a discontinued TBS one, so I’ll be using them a lot!  I am now also lusting after a few of the lip polishes – the orange one and pink one, and the matt nail varnish top coat! Oh, and the kohls aha!

What do you guys think? A bit too much, or perfect for summer?  Do you think my picture swatches are clear? Will you be buying these?! XX


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