Pencil Eyeliners!

Hi girlies!  I had to tidy my room today as my landlord is visiting the flat on Friday, and whilst I was at it I decided to tidy my make-up drawers!  I dug out my pencil eyeliners to show you and review!


I haven't got many, considering I wear eyeliner every day and compared to some people, but I like the few I have.



  • The Body Shop – 01 Black
  • The Body Shop – 14 Glowing Amethyst
  • The Body Shop – 10 Brilliant Blue
  • The Body Shop – 12 Shimmering Steel
  • The Body Shop – 05 White
  • Barry M – blue (nameless)
  • Gosh – Velvet touch eyeliner Black Ink

I will go right ahead and say my favourite is the Gosh black one.  I’m on my third pencil of this, and I use it everyday, with whatever look I decide to go for.  I have this thing where I’m so used to wearing a kohl eyeliner, that without it my eyes look tiny and I hate it, so I always wear eyeliner.  This is my favourite as it is so smooth and pigmented, it doesn’t drag my skin, the colour is the perfect black, it lasts all day and it only smudges if I do so myself (with a smudger brush!).  Gosh always has 3for2 offers on, so I usually pick out two of these and something else that I haven't tried before.

The Body Shop colourful ones are stunning, the shimmer and shine and are gorgeous to look at.  I use the steel a lot when doing silver smokey eyes.  The colourful ones are beautifully pigmented and are very smooth to apply, they can be a bit of a pain to sharpen sometimes though. The black and white ones arn’t as smooth to apply as the shimmer ones, but they are still intense colours which I love.  I always use the white one to highlight the flick of liquid liner on the top lash line (I will show you in pictures what I mean soon!).  Does anyone remember when a magazine (was it Instyle mag?) was giving away two TBS eyeliners? That's when I got most of these, I picked up two magazines especially!

I was after a bright bright blue eyeliner after seeing a picture of a girl with smokey black eyes, but with bright blue liner, and it so worked!  I adore this liner, although I admit I don’t use it as much as I would like too.  This lasts a very long time, its bright and vibrant and pigmented!  Plus, its affordable being Barry M!

IMG_0012 (flash)

IMG_0015 (without flash)

Hope you enjoyed that! I love going through my makeup and finding things that I need to use more!  What do you think of these eyeliners? Does anyone have any more good pencil eyeliner recommendations?

P.S All of these were bought with my own money!


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