Favourite Makeup Products of 2011!

I feel like I have been writing this post for weeks now and I started it early because I knew it was going to be a biggun!  I have rounded up my all time favourite makeup products that I have loved and enjoyed using through out the past year.  It was such a tough decision as my makeup collection more than doubled this year, but I think I have found some gems!

Below are my fav makeup products from 2011 and I have also filmed a video (below) of me explaining my choices and acting like a dork as usual.

(I have hyperlinked the names of specific products to a blog post if I have reviewed that product, so if you spot something you are interested, click on the link to be taken to the page – if it doesn’t have a link then it is still to be reviewed!).

Favourite Makeup Winners of 2011 -
(please note runner up photograph is at the bottom of this post!).IMG_0390

1) Lipstick – Sleek’s Barely There.  Barely there has been an absolute staple in my makeup bag since February 2011.  It is the most easy to wear and affordable lipstick I have come across and I adore it – a natural creamy pink that leaves the lips feeling soft and luscious!
Runner up – MAC’s Morange

2) Nail Varnish – No7’s So Simple.  I chose this as my favourite because its the most perfect nude nail varnish for my skin, it goes with any outfit and because it dries quickly.  I acquired this nail polish in March (?) and I’ve almost finished it and I’ve NEVER finished a nail varnish before.
Runner up – Look Beauty’s Bling

3) Liquid Eye Liner – The Body Shop’s Liquid Liner. This is no surprise because it was in my favourite’s last year, but this is the easiest liquid liner I have used and provides me with the most perfect black flick.
Runner up – MAC’s Fluidline Blacktrack

4) Kohl Eyeliner – GOSH’s Velvet Touch Eyeliner in Black.  Another old favourite which I can count on to give me my staple black smokey eye.  Affordable and pigmented, what’s more to love.
Runner up – Avon’s eyeliner

5) Mascara – Estee Lauder Double Wear – I’d been using a mini sample version of this mascara for a few months when I realised it was incredible and needed to own the full size.  I will do a proper review on this soon to show off its gorgeous packaging and what it does for my lashes. 
Runner up – No7 Double Intensity

6) Lipgloss - Sephora Ultra Shine Gloss in #11 – This was a hard choice because I don’t feel like I’ve worn a lot of ligloss this year, but I do love the colour of this one.  It gives my lips a gorgeous shine with a hint of pink, without being too sticky.
Runner up – Bourjois Effet 3D Les Nudes in #34


7) Blusher – Me Me Me Blush in Coral.  I can rely on this blusher to keep me looking glowing and cheeky with its peachy, coral shimmer.  I also love the fact that it comes with a mirror and brush. 
Runner up – Look Beauty’s Blush in shade - Sculpt

8) Bronzer – Rouge Bunny Rouge ‘As if it were Summer Still…’ Bronzer – This is the most expensive makeup item I own and I adore it.  At around £40, its not affordable, but its the only bronzer I’ve found to make my pale skin look naturally bronzed. 
Runner up – The Body Shop Honey Bronze Powder in 02

9) Brow Kit – HD Brows palette – I’d never used a powder to define my brows before using this and now it has transformed my face, my brows have never looked in better condition!
Runner up – New CID’s i-groom

10) Concealer – MAC’s Studio Finish Concealer – I’ve been using this for years and get through so many pots, I adore it.  The best concealer I’ve ever used! 
Runner up – The Body Shop’s Lightening Touch


11) Face Powder – The Body Shop’s All in One Face Base.  This also follows me everywhere I go – this matte powder blots away any shine and evens out my skin tone at the same time.
Runner up – Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation

12) Foundation – MAC’s Studio Foundation – This is basically a bigger version of my favourite MAC concealer (studio finish concealer, mentioned below).  It’s a thick, creamy foundation that looks best when applied with a stippling brush after using a primer/moisturizer.  This conceals any redness or blemishes. 
Runner up – L’Oreal Infallible

13) Palette - Sleek’s Storm Palette This will probably be my favourite palette of the century, I have four back ups because I love it that much.  All of the colours are stunning and perfect for daily wear. 
Runner up – E.L.F 100 piece palette

Runners up Photograph – Please note that I haven’t spoken about why these products have been chosen as runners up in this post, but I have explained why for each one in the video, so if you are curious to hear more about them, then just watch it and enjoy!

I hope you have enjoyed this post!  I am aware that I did not mention my favourite eyeshadow – this is because I have far too many favourites and I couldn’t possibly choose between them!  Maybe I’ll do my top five fav e/s in a separate post.

(Following this post shortly will be a list of my favourite general beauty products, including hair, skin and body products of 2011!)

What have been your favourite’s of 2011?  Do we have any of the same favs?



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