My Nail Varnish Storage!

I was going to save these photographs for a big room tour/makeup storage post, but I couldn’t contain my excitement any more, I just had to show you all!

Those who follow me on twitter (@katesnooks) will have noticed that over the Christmas holiday I was busy decorating my room.  My small attic room hadn’t been decorated properly since I was 16, so it was well over due.  After analysing all the space in my humble abode, my Mother and I brainstormed over the best ways to store my 147 nail polishes.  Yes – 147, I know I have a problem and I know that I do not have enough toes and fingers to use up that much polish, but I am a beauty blogger, and I can’t help it. 

I originally had all of my polishes in a drawer in my vanity table (photograph here), but it was so full that it wouldn’t shut anymore, so it was clear I needed to re-evaluate the best possible way of storing them, without taking up much room. 



I have literally been dreaming about owning something like this for a few years now, but due to laziness I just hadn’t knuckled down to finding exactly what I wanted, but that’s where Mother Snooks came up trumps.  She is an eBay queen and managed to find the most perfect rack to hold my beloved polishes.

How to co-ordinate them was a hard task – the decision of whether to line in colour order or brand order was very difficult, but I decided in the end to put all the same brand polishes together, and then line them in colour order.  Depending on the size, you can manage either one or two rows of polishes – for example, my No7 polishes are skinny so I can fit two rows of polishes on one level, where as my Look Beauty/Models Own polishes are fat and I can’t possibly squeeze another row in behind.  This does mean that I still have around 60 polishes sitting in a box in my room, until I purchase another spice rack to store them in (I’m thinking a horizontal one to hold the others).

1st Row – Barry M polishes
2nd – Boots No7 Polishes
3rd – Models Own, Look Beauty, NuBar, OPI & China Glaze Polishes
4th – GOSH, Kiss and Bourjois Polishes
5th – Miscellaneous featuring Kiko, Deborah Lippman, Topshop, Sephora, Rimmel, NuBar and Ciate polishes

My current makeup storage area – I absolutely adore this corner of my room, its almost perfect!  I will be doing a proper post on each drawer of my makeup storage space once it’s completely organized!15

As I said, I still have many more polishes needed to be stored so when I get another rack up then I’ll post more photographs.  I bought my one on eBay from this seller, for around £20 although you can always just search ‘spice rack’ and there are more options and varieties to choose from!

I hope you have enjoyed this post!

How do you store your nail varnishes?



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