How to make your own lipstick palette!

My life long dream is to create my very own makeup range – choosing and creating the perfect shades of lipsticks, eye shadows and blushers (as well as to create my very own perfume – but that’s a different story).  Well, I had the genius idea last week of creating my very own lipstick palette and today I am going to show you how you can do it yourself.  (Video at the bottom of this post!)

Firstly – I have to thank Wild Kat Makeup for the idea of using the WHSmiths watercolour palette as the palette for the lipstick palette, I could not have found something as perfect without her youtube video!

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Find the perfect empty palette to store your lippies! 
After intense researching on other blogs & youtube channels I considered buying a ‘japonesque’ empty palette to store my lippies (like Make up Geek here) but at around £30 they are just far too expensive.  So, after help from the Wild Kat Makeup’s video, I ran to my local WHSmiths to pick up this watercolour palette for £2.99.  Underneath the paints are 18 empty wells (for mixing paints I guess) but they are perfect for holding lipsticks!

How to crush into palette
- Choose your lipstick
- Slice half of the bullet off with a stanley knife or scissors (shown in the video below)
- Put the lipstick bullet into the well and use the back of a spoon to crush it down and smear it around until it is smooth!

How to melt into the palette
Melting is a lot more difficult and messy, but it allows you to mix shades of lippies so you can create your perfect colour – six of the wells in my palette are melted lipsticks.
- Light a candle
- Cut off the lipstick (or lipsticks if you want to create a custom shade) and put them on a spoon
- Hold the spoon over the lit candle until the lipstick has completely melted
- Poor the spoon into the well and wait for lipstick to dry


Little personal notes - I know that a lot of makeup artists create lipstick palettes to use out on jobs because it makes it easier for them to carry around many colours without weighing them down.  I am aware that I am not a makeup artist and I am doing this purely for my own pleasure!  Also – because I am using them only on myself, I have been only using a clean finger to apply the colour to my lips – although I should probably be using a lip brush.

Also – I filled this palette with colours that I do not wear often but want to start using more – I can’t imagine ever wanting to crush my MAC & Estee Lauder/YSL lippies into a palette because I love their packaging too much and prefer to carry them around in the tubes for touch ups through out the day.  But I think a palette is a good way to start loving old favourite shades and to experiment a little more!

(APOLOGY – for the terrible editing of this video – so many awkward pauses and me sorting my hair out! I was in a rush to edit it before work and didn’t re-watch before I published it! So SORRY and I will be sure to double check in the future! Bloopers at the end as usual)

I love these palettes as I can now see exactly what type of lipsticks I’ve got just by looking at the palette – they look beautiful and they do inspire me to try out different colours and mix them to create my own unique shades. 

Have you ever made your own customized lipstick palette?  Show me yours!



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